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    Comet belt 203589 vs 203591

    Anyone know the difference in size between these two belts? I have a tav 30 unit with a 7” driven cane with a 203589 belt, but it’s a bit tight. Wanted to get the bando Kevlar belt which is belt 203591.. Thanks OldMiniBikes
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    30 series torque converter driver clutch 3/4” bore

    Selling a brand new never used 30 series torque converter driver only. looking for $45 shipped will entertain offers, thank you.
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    TAV 2 - Aftermarket belt upgrade

    I have a chinese copy of a tav 2 with a 7" driven, and wanted to upgrade the torque converter belt. I believe the part number for the comet belt for the 7" driven is 203591. I am specifically looking for a bando premium kevlar belt for the tav 2 copy, but am having a hard time locating any. On...
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    Hilliard inferno flame clutch + 11t + 13t driver $65 shipped

    Decided to go from a shoe clutch to a torque converter so up for sale is a lightly used Hilliard inferno flame clutch. Asking $65 shipped with 11t/13t driver, and all necessary hardware to install including clutch bolt with lock washer. The black springs that are currently installed in the...
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    Spark plug readings/mikuni tuning

    How’s it going fellas, Down to the last leg of the project, and that’s getting my chikuni 22mm tuned/jetted just right.I live in Colorado 5000-10,000 elevation when riding so keep that in mind as well. My current build predator 212cc rtc-6 cylinder head with 27mm intake 25mm exhaust valves...
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    Knock off vm22 mikuni - Can you use mikuni jets?

    Trying to re-jet my pilot jet on my knockoff vm22 mikuni carb, but having a hard time finding a pilot jet that looks the same as the knockoff. I already am using a genuine mikuni as the main jet with no problems. (Large round head) After looking around on forums for a bit a couple of users are...
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    Bullet proof throttle control need recommendations

    So I had the stock db30 throttle control on my modified doodlebug, and the twist grip twisted clean off (break at the white plastic) I'm looking for a throttle control that can take abuse. Was looking into dirt bike throttle controls 7/8". Anyone have any recommendations for one? Seems like you...
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    Front & rear cotter pin size - old school style db30

    Anyone know what size front, and rear cotter pins are used on an old style doodlebug/db30?
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    Predator 212cc rear gas tank bolt size?

    I’m trying to figure out what size the bolt is for the predator 212cc gas tank - the one that holds it in place In the rear. It’s part #84 In the manual - hopefully someone can help
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    Killswitch Ground Wire Ripped off

    Hey guys, recently noticed that my kill switch is not working on the predator 212cc engine itself.. I got into a little crash couple weeks ago, and I guess the ground ripped off then. My question is can I splice/crimp the wire, and run another wire to a ground? Not the best with wiring diagrams...
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    WTB Racing clutch

    Looking for a tomar/Noram/bully clutch set at 3400-3600 engagement. please send pictures/descriptions to 970-581-2169 or post under this thread/pm me, thank you.
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    Clutch/tires/gearing to pair with build

    Hey guys, Below is a bit about my build. My current build predator 212cc rtc-6 cylinder head with 27mm intake 25mm exhaust valves stock automotive style retainers 26lb valve springs with .060 shims on intake and exhaust sides stock rods stock rockers billet rod +.020" hemi flat top piston...
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    best fork upgrade for db30 old style

    My forks are completely fried and I was looking into getting azusa front forks to replace my doodlebug forks. I measured it all and it seems like a direct drop in, but was just wondering what the community thinks is the best front forks for the doodlebug. There aren't too many direct drop ins...
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    MCP rear hydraulic brake on doodlebug

    Has anyone run a mcp rear hydraulic brake on a doodlebug or have any pictures of a person that has? I'm trying to run a mcp brake with the stock disc and re-weld a bracket, just wanted to brainstorm some ideas off other members on this forum that have done anything similar, thanks.
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    Anyone run a sprocket guard on their doodlebug?

    I ride my mini bike pretty hard and throw the chain twice in an hour of hard riding. Mostly street riding, but when I hit a bump in the road at full throttle it may throw the chain. I currently run a 12t clutch 59t split sprocket with the OldMiniBikes split sprocket adapter. I was thinking about either...
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    promod front brake kit - bolt one kit for hydraulic brake for doodlebugs

    50$ shipped. comes with everything you need and the correct spacers. how it looks installed on doodlebugs img
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    2 disc 6 spring bully clutch 12tooth sprocket for sale or trade

    looking for a 24mm mikuni with a flat slide for trade.... or 140$ shipped gifted through paypal. Comes with case and some extras.
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    pullstart turning over crankshaft, clutch and back tire...

    OK so I know it's most likely my over torquing of the arc rod bolts, but the engine is in great running condition and as soon as i hit the gas the engine stopped and i went to pull-start it again. After going to pull-start it rotates the rear wheel and crankshaft... I am thinking its because I...
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    24mm flat slide + manifold wanted

    Looking for a 24mm flat slide with manifold.. mikuni, pwk, oko, etc thanks
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    what mod should I do next? black mamba build

    predator 212cc rtc-6 cylinder head with 27mm intake 25mm exhaust valves stock automotive style retainers 26lb valve springs with .060 shims on intake and exhaust sides stock rods stock rockers billet rod +.020" hemi flat top piston .010" head gasket ngk spark plug billet flywheel 32...