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  1. rugblaster

    Home build Tiny mini.

    Nice job on that build.......for some reason these little bikes reminder me of a puppy.
  2. rugblaster

    crazy idea to solve sea level rise Read this guy's site.........the amount of research this one fellow has complied is astonishing. He shows, in historic, graphic form what is actually going on here. How data is being manipulated for political...
  3. rugblaster

    crazy idea to solve sea level rise

    Who the hell said the sea level is rising? Al Gore? HA!!!! Florida was supposed to be underwater a decade ago according to that fool. We have been going to the Texas coast for 30 years. My wife's folks have a home on South Padre Island. The bay and the beach is in the same place it ever was...
  4. rugblaster

    Broken Foot Peg

    I would cut the entire tube out and weld a new one in.
  5. rugblaster

    Gonna buy a welder ... Tig or Mig?

    I have both.....I still use both for different things. Tig is more technical, on the other hand mig is relatively easy. I taught my 8 year old daughter to use it. Once the wire speed and voltage are set, your in bidness. The multi-process units are interesting. I have Miller, Lincoln and Hobart...
  6. rugblaster

    H35 pull rope/starter question

    Thanks for that info.....I looked again, and found the part I was looking for but there isn't a part number for it. In the diagram it is #7 but there is not part number associated with it. No little light up circle for the part. So, I did what I should have done in the first place and take apart...
  7. rugblaster

    what are you listening to v.2.0

    Hayes Carll.....Austin TX...KMAG YOYO (kiss my ass guys, your own your own)
  8. rugblaster

    H35 pull rope/starter question

    Need some advice. I have built 3 or 4 of these small block Tecumseh motors lately, they all run super, but I have one with a broken/missing pull rope and the recoil spring appears to be broke or non existent. I looked on partstree and all they are showing is the entire assembly, no separate...
  9. rugblaster

    Borescope For Smart Phone

    I'm going to get one of these. I have a 69 VW Westfalia camper and it hasn't run in a while......need to look inside the fuel tank.
  10. rugblaster

    Borescope For Smart Phone

    I'd like to know if they work well also.
  11. rugblaster

    OldMiniBikes avatar's and name ID

    Weird as an activity may be for someone from west Texas, I buy, sell and trade Oriental and Persian rugs as a hobby and part of an overall investment portfolio. Their are quite a few folks around here with oil royalty money coming in and appreciate fine rugs, artwork, collector cars etc. I find...
  12. rugblaster

    1970s Sears Roper mini bike wheels

    If your roper hasn't got a jackshaft, the predator may be a problem. I think I have seen them with and without a jackshaft. I have a Sears Drover (no jackshaft) and I also had a Tecumseh H35 with a 3/4 crank in it. I also had a 12 tooth clutch.......Didn't work. I had a 60 tooth sprocket on the...
  13. rugblaster

    Got another Skat Kitty

    Some people can tear up a crowbar in a sandbox. A body shop Porta-power tool might be a help.
  14. rugblaster

    I bet this will be an easy one for this crowd

    I've got a MTD Trail Flite I'm rebuilding. They are pretty ugly, but I heard they ride good. Mine was basically complete when I got it. There is indeed a band brake on the rear wheel. I'll slap a picture on here when I'm done. Mine has the original Tecumseh H40....and I think the intake manifold...
  15. rugblaster

    Got another Skat Kitty

    I watch a lot of this guy's videos....Jody is a heck of a welder. If he is having trouble, anyone will have trouble. He shows what your up against with cast aluminum. Not great, but he show's how to make the best of it.
  16. rugblaster

    Got another Skat Kitty

    I like the looks of a Kitty, but I'm too large to actually ride one. Looks like a pretty good crack in that rear fender.....maybe from an impact. I have enough experience with cast aluminium to know it can be difficult. Sometimes it works well and other times it is a mess. Depends on what the...
  17. rugblaster

    Mounting Wide Knobbies on Wide Rim

    I had to make this mounting tool from a length of 5/8 hot rolled round bar. I heated the end of the bar and flattened it out as shown here and folded the edge over to grab the rim lip. I added a short piece of 3/8 square bar to the piece and welded it on to block the tire bead. Finished it up by...
  18. rugblaster

    Need help with Throttle Cable

    for some reason ombwarehosue keep changing to oldminibikes?????
  19. rugblaster

    Need help with Throttle Cable

    Sorry, I got distracted by some tenderloin steak (medium rare) and Or