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    340 salsbury series

    dang rip.... are you going to weld the pieces back together? I might weld this part before it breaks off on mine...
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    340 salsbury series

    Are you using a stock driven spring or a yellow driven spring?
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    340 salsbury series

    I did test my set up last weekend, and was very impressed with the results. I had 10/59 gearing 5.9 ratio with 14.5 tires. I was at 120 main jet with a 17.5 pilot jet needle in middle setting at 9150 elevation at about 75 degrees. Bike idles at 1400-1500rpm's, and was very wheelie sensitive...
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    340 salsbury series

    Glad to see you’re liking the juggernaut with the 7” driven. That is exactly what I have set up right now. Juggernaut with 7” driven - stock driven spring set at hole #1 with 10:59 gearing, and 14.5” tires. Going to test it out this weekend. What does your gearing/tire size/rpm/top speed look...
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    The Ultimate Off Road Bonanza Build Returns

    Sweet build - mini bike looks really good. Did you get it tuned in yet jetting wise. I was also wondering what tav belt # are you running 203591? Also what’s ur rear sprocket size?
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    Comet belt 203589 vs 203591

    Anyone know the difference in size between these two belts? I have a tav 30 unit with a 7” driven cane with a 203589 belt, but it’s a bit tight. Wanted to get the bando Kevlar belt which is belt 203591.. Thanks OldMiniBikes
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    Honda clone rpm's with governer removed.?

    I just did the same ordered the juggernaut, but make sure to change your driven spring in your tav converter to a stiffer yellow spring for quicker downshifting, and higher top speed... My set up 10t tav to 59 tooth tire = 5.9 gear ratio (with a torque converter you want your ratio around...
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    30 series torque converter driver clutch 3/4” bore

    Selling a brand new never used 30 series torque converter driver only. looking for $45 shipped will entertain offers, thank you.
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    Hilliard inferno flame clutch + 11t + 13t driver $65 shipped

    Sold thanks OldMiniBikes!
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    Hilliard inferno flame clutch + 11t + 13t driver $65 shipped

    It is for a 3/4” shaft
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    Hilliard inferno flame clutch + 11t + 13t driver $65 shipped

    will take $60 shipped lowest :)
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    TAV 2 - Aftermarket belt upgrade

    I have a chinese copy of a tav 2 with a 7" driven, and wanted to upgrade the torque converter belt. I believe the part number for the comet belt for the 7" driven is 203591. I am specifically looking for a bando premium kevlar belt for the tav 2 copy, but am having a hard time locating any. On...
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    Hilliard inferno flame clutch + 11t + 13t driver $65 shipped

    3.6 hours of use on this clutch
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    Hilliard inferno flame clutch + 11t + 13t driver $65 shipped

    Decided to go from a shoe clutch to a torque converter so up for sale is a lightly used Hilliard inferno flame clutch. Asking $65 shipped with 11t/13t driver, and all necessary hardware to install including clutch bolt with lock washer. The black springs that are currently installed in the...
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    Throttle not working/choke moves bike

    What kind of carb is it? What kind of clutch? Usually when enrichment is on it leads to higher rpm's if you start it in choke then turn the choke off does your mini bike still engage? I would check for air leaks/missing gaskets/loose bolts at intake manifolds/exhausts see if that helps you...
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    Spark plug readings/mikuni tuning

    Mine will be here by end of day friday 4/17 so just in time for more test/tuning this weekend. Look for an update on Saturday afternoon. Hopefully the real mikuni, and sealing of intake/exhaust make a difference. Good luck! Let me know how it turns out when you install, and run it.
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    2 mini bike round tanks

    PM sent