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  1. 71RuppSpitfire

    71 Rupp Spitfire

    Hi folks, Been on the site for a bit, decided I’d share my bike. Started life as a 71 Rupp frame, forks and swing arm. Dubbed the “Spitfire” because it would backfire pretty good with the first muffler so from there the name stuck. We do a lot of ice racing in the winter so I needed something...
  2. 71RuppSpitfire

    Just picked this up

    Just picked up this mini for $60, Any thoughts?
  3. 71RuppSpitfire

    Massachusetts Races?

    Hi Guys, I was hoping to maybe start a thread on races Specifically in the State of Massachusetts but New England area works too. I'm located in central Ma and am looking for some more racing this season. Figure we could make a list of Venues/Dates going and keep it updated?