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    tav 40

    Ok i have a 40 series tav looks like a gopowersports 3/8 steel backing plate i got the sprocket lined up the issue is the 2 belt drive and driven need to line up . I tryed to line it up and it pulled the drive unit out alot i had 2 inches of key way engagement by pulling it out it only grabbing...
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    mikuni throttle

    Ok i put a new thumb throttle on a mikuni 34 on my coleman it has no slack on the cable anymore adjustment it raises the slide but only gets 3/4 throttle i can lift the slide another 1/4 inch anyone have any tips i know its a ratio issue as closer to the pivot would give me more movement but i...
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    wtb rear rim

    need a coleman rear rim let me know
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    gas tank

    looking for a aftermarket aluminum gas tank i might take a vintage or stock type external tank i dont wanna spend what a new one cost or i would just go that route i might make my own out of 4 inch or 5 inch tubing
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    predator end play

    I got a few hemi predators now the one im working on has an arc side plate it spins free but has alot of endplay seems like when i put the head on the crank moves in and out alot i know its not hitting the cam on the crank cause it spun free untill i put the pushrods on and spun it over is this...
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    heres the in progress micro bike
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    my first coleman

    Dont be too harsh just getting it bolted together need some work but im on it
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    decompression valve

    anyone use a harley decomp release on there hi compression predator this type needs no mods the harley ones you gotta drill in the chamber
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    40 series tav

    looking for a 40 series comet or comparable torque convertor
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    throttle bracket gx 270 honda

    ok i got a coleman with a mid block with a 390 carb and need a throttle linkage i tossed the bracket i bought a 34 mikuni but im using that on another motor any pics will help the 390 carb work backwards from the clone carbs
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    coleman wheel bearing

    Ok i made some progress i got my flat track tires i noticed the wheel bearings arent happy . I know there popular roller bearing similar to jack shaft just no clip 5/8 x 1 3/8 anyone know a good quality bearing i can run ?
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    wtb 390 parts

    looking for mikuni intake and carb, billet flywheel, head,cam and hi performance goodies
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    torque convertor

    Ok i got a coleman with tc the engine is a gx 390 got a comet belt but it dont look right too loose . Everything looks good its 8 inches between shafts hard to measure the driven gear but it looks to be 8 inches its got a steel backing plate any input would help Laz
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    coleman ct200u

    i am looking for smooth tires for my coleman pit bike like an kenda atv tire anyone use these or something like ? I have some on my other coleman but they dont look nice any input would be appreciated
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    5 hp briggs

    5 hp briggs .010 overbore 28 2 valve some type of upgrade cam but not billet stiffer springs chrome tin and blower housing no pull start has the cover for electric starter but no nut stock flywheel no carb or pipe 75 bucks or best offer or trades for mini bike parts located in south fl will ship...
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    torque convertor ?

    Hi i have a coleman with a honda 270 and im thinking about a torque convertor which one will handle the power the engine has upgrades and 1 inch shaft i may upgrade to a 420
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    Predator non hemi head

    Hi im new here i got 2 mini bikes im building a non hemi and have some questions i have larger stainless valves 28 25 and like to know is there a valve height to shoot for i can check the installed height of the springs , also i am replacing the roller bearings are the cheap chinese good for hi...