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    Tote Gote brakes

    Is there anyone who makes these? The model they came off of was a trail skeeter, and the company who made em was schwinn.
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    What's this lever do?

    I see this commonly placed of 3.5hp briggs engines. What's it for? A kill switch?
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    Am I as stupid as I think I am?

    I dont want to ask this, for fear of making a clown of myself. But here goes. Are Briggs 3hp's the same crankcase size as Briggs 5hp's? Also, did Briggs 3hp engines ever have governors? Mine doesn't seem to...
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    Tec carb on a Briggs

    I saw this on someone else's post. Couldn't see how they had done it. Any insight? The linkage issue is a real problem and I'm wondering how he linked the cable to the carb itself.
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    Put a mikuni on it

    Could I stick a 19mm mikuni on this? They say the center to center on the intake is 46mm. The mikuni is 48mm
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    Painting the gote

    Ok. Gote runs. Finally(not intermidently this time). Time to clean her up. Now just to get this straight, degrease, sand, paint, clear coat? Or is there any other secret tricks to apply?
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    Sidekick engine?

    About a year back, I obtained two sidekicks. Did they come with 2.5hp briggs, or 5hp briggs?
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    Manifold for a 2.5?

    After giving it much thought, I've decided to keep my Sidekick as stock as possible(Big thanks to DaddyJohn). The one thing I would love to change and get rid of, however, it's the flo jet. God I absolutely hate that thing with a passion. The only problem is, I can't imagine how to hook another...
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    Making a gote with a torque converter

    So a while back, I got a Tote Gote Sidekick. I'll be damned if I wasnt proud of the damn thing, too. I got it running, and managed to putt around the neighborhood(Neighbors not enthused. Who would be? A 17 year old on a minibike? What's more dangerous than that?). But the engine took a nosedive...
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    Briggs 3 horse carb gasket template?

    Hey guys. Has anyone got a template for a carb gasket? Specifically a 3 - 3.5 horse. I'm tired of buying chinese offshore gaskets that break in a week. So I'm makin my own. I've included a picture. On the right is the good gasket. The left is the crappy one. Any help is appreciated.
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    Axle fabrication

    Hey guys! Not really a well known person around here at all, but I figure I better make myself known for the future. Anywho, I've got a question on making an axle. Looking at go powersports for a live axle is suicide on my wallet, and I wanted to know if you guys have any ideas on have to make a...
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    Carburetor numbers?

    Anyone ever seen this carburetor? Richard gave me a link to a kit which I bought and installed (Thanks!). But I'd like to know what type this is, or where I could buy a whole new unit if I needed one. Which I might. Any help is appreciated!
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    Sidekick belt drive switcheroo?

    I own a Sidekick, and was wondering if there's a way to slip a bit bigger engine in (maybe a predator). Problem is, I don't know how I'd use a clutch. The climb away clutch definetly wouldn't fit and the whole thing is belt drive so I'm confused. Ideas?
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    Gas tank & Line

    I just put together my carburetor after fixing it, but now I'm at a crossroad. I need to figure out how to attach a gas line to this carburetor, but can't figure out how. I either need to find a new gas tank which is the same, or get an adapter for plastic fuel lining, which is different from...
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    Info needed on what I am 98% sure is a Tote Gote 403.

    So I'm relatively new to the idea of mini bikes, and I have worked on other small engines. I am pretty convinced I have a Tote Gote 403. I'm 16, have a real interest of engines and mechanics, and am completely stumped. The engine on this thing is in great shape, despite the fact that it was left...