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    Trying to figure out year and model of this Briggs?

    I have this Briggs checked the shroud and found numbers but doesn’t match up shows it being a vertical shaft.Believe the shroud was added.Would like to know the year and horse power try to get some specs on it.Here are the numbers I found 92502 0670 01 7102251.thanks
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    Manco streaker fenders

    Hello I am looking for some plastic manco streaker fenders and chain guard.Please let me know what you have.thanks
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    Help Identifying

    I know the motor is not original.Has a craftsman special engine.will run for 30seconds then stop?
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    Help identifying

    I recently purchased this bike.Seeing if there is anyone who can help me identify it.I am thinking possibly a bonanza bc1100?Any help would be appreciated.