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  1. 71RuppSpitfire

    71 Rupp Spitfire

    Hi folks, Been on the site for a bit, decided I’d share my bike. Started life as a 71 Rupp frame, forks and swing arm. Dubbed the “Spitfire” because it would backfire pretty good with the first muffler so from there the name stuck. We do a lot of ice racing in the winter so I needed something...
  2. 71RuppSpitfire


    Sorry, totally didn’t mean to thread jack.
  3. 71RuppSpitfire


    It’s a Star!
  4. 71RuppSpitfire


    Here’s how mine looks
  5. 71RuppSpitfire


    I made some steel extensions for mine, about 3” longer. Work well but I really like the look of this setup. Might have to weld up a long swingarm!
  6. 71RuppSpitfire


    I’m very curious on the swing arm, did you Chop up and lengthen it with other Rupp swing arms? Also loving the forks. If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your gearing?
  7. 71RuppSpitfire

    Engine Displacement on Tecumseh 10 HP HM100?

    There were older points hm100s that were 333cc also
  8. 71RuppSpitfire

    Mini bike show this summer?

    G Vegas as in Gardner? I’ll bring a bike up
  9. 71RuppSpitfire

    mini bike & trike rules wachusett valley riders club winchendon ma.

    glad somebody said it, I’ll ride any event that pops up!
  10. 71RuppSpitfire

    mini bike & trike rules wachusett valley riders club winchendon ma.

    Has anyone mentioned a possible opening date for this year? I’d like to go up and ride a few times over the summer!
  11. 71RuppSpitfire

    Vintage Tecumseh H60

    I run a 10hp tec Star in my 71 scrambler. Small modifications to make it fit but no frame tweaking!
  12. 71RuppSpitfire

    Just picked this up

    Wow that’s awesome! Cool find indeed, just fired it up, sounds healthy, exhaust is a little messy, could use an RLV. Also I agree on the TC, a cheap 30 series will get my chain height in the right place. The comet centrifugal only leaves the chain about a quarter inch over the swing arm pivot...
  13. 71RuppSpitfire

    Just picked this up

    cant complain, needs a few things. Just glad it has a flathead! From what I’ve found after disassembly is that it has a high lift cam, it’s a koolbore 5hp with an 030 piston. Very clean cylinder with nice hatchmarking with the exception of one light score. Brand new centrifugal. Haven’t heard it...
  14. 71RuppSpitfire

    Just picked this up

    it’s a pretty neat mini, has a Briggs 5hp on it now, was looking for a yard rider as my Rupp is a bit more of a race mini. Chain will definitely be quite long so we’ll see
  15. 71RuppSpitfire

    Just picked this up

    Just picked up this mini for $60, Any thoughts?
  16. 71RuppSpitfire

    NOS Rupp tank, to seal, or not to seal??

    Yeah that tank is gorgeous, my rupp tank was full of scale on the inside and I sealed with kreem tank liner. But yours id leave alone.
  17. 71RuppSpitfire

    Massachusetts Races?

    Hi Guys, I was hoping to maybe start a thread on races Specifically in the State of Massachusetts but New England area works too. I'm located in central Ma and am looking for some more racing this season. Figure we could make a list of Venues/Dates going and keep it updated?
  18. 71RuppSpitfire

    mini bike & trike rules wachusett valley riders club winchendon ma.

    Hoping to get up to this a few times this year, pretty close by so we'll see!
  19. 71RuppSpitfire

    2019 gomas minibike massacre

    I'll make the ride up!