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  1. 5horsebriggs

    Brake cable set up

    that can be done with a solid rod , ended up doind it with a rod on my bike and liked it better
  2. 5horsebriggs

    Banging Raptor

    whotought hurting the gasket? thats gunna be kindove hard,, i guess if you take a razor blade to the one side all the way around you can prob save it, but if you mean the side cover just take all the bolts out amd pull, if yours is stuck on, lightly tap near the oil fil
  3. 5horsebriggs

    Motor to Loud !

    i ised a pit bike pipe and chopped the muffler, and then just welded on one of those screw in ones
  4. 5horsebriggs

    Spud guns, anyone got one?

    thats ehat i did before mini bikes , i no all the tricks and setuos and all
  5. 5horsebriggs

    Word Association Game

  6. 5horsebriggs

    moneypak and paypal...

    how are your guys experiences, im havin a bad time with mine trying to send mb165 money for some top end parts, we have both dont everything and itsnot workin, any of you guys use money pak for paypal?
  7. 5horsebriggs

    cheeftah mini bike frame long island

    trade for any hunting fishing stuff...
  8. 5horsebriggs

    Is a torque converter the answer?

    take all spacers of of the clutch so i can slife right and left it wil auto align
  9. 5horsebriggs

    660cc raptor motor in mini bike

    if you go on ebay look or a cb175 engine tht would scare you preety bad those are fast bikes
  10. 5horsebriggs

    660cc raptor motor in mini bike

    yea is a 200cc 4stroke honda mitor
  11. 5horsebriggs

    660cc raptor motor in mini bike

    what about a xr200 motor?
  12. 5horsebriggs

    Is a torque converter the answer?

    same problem with the sane engine here do you have any spacers on the shaft? the engine shaft
  13. 5horsebriggs

    660cc raptor motor in mini bike

    thats way to much.... mabye a blaster engine at nost and thar would be scary, sell me the motor :shrug:
  14. 5horsebriggs

    snowhog/ deep tread tire for 6inch rim

    really like the carlsile snow hogs and was wondering if anybody had one as my rear is preetty bald will pay with a mo the taller the tire the better
  15. 5horsebriggs

    quality twist throttle reccommendation

    to be compsletely honest, the best ive had has been a chepo plastic chinese pitbike throotle because it never sticks anddots have any friction eith the forks
  16. 5horsebriggs

    Motovox MBX 10 engine shaft problem

    no buf northern tools sells the cluth you nee
  17. 5horsebriggs

    Motovox MBX 10 engine shaft problem

    ive been reading alot of people saying the throttle stop thing but ive noticed i i hold it half throttle it can still clomb rpms mabye just because i remived some parts
  18. 5horsebriggs

    Wheel bobing

    i would just replaced the bearing and axles, for front and back , always a good thing to do, then you will make the chance of a surprice go down
  19. 5horsebriggs

    Can you fix my engine?

    worn out cam lobes? and its not the two dots on the cam and crank? screwed up points
  20. 5horsebriggs

    Need Help Choosing New Sprocket

    how many teeth on your clutch? get an eight tooth and you should be good, still a kinda high gearing but it should do