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  1. old shed finds

    Tecumseh 2 Stroke Engine Mounting

    Sounds fun,, but on mini bike built for the hills. Gear it lower to keep torque.... on flat ground it sounds fun as hell.... I have same engine thinking of doing same thing....
  2. old shed finds

    One speed early production Blazer?

    Another sunny Saturday I can grab more photos.... it's in a small shop with 2 bikes in the way to dig it out...send me photos of yours....
  3. old shed finds

    One speed early production Blazer?

    OMG Ha Ha ,,, don't worry guys it doesn't have tampons flying around on its belt drive,, POS word correction phones.....Blazer Tampo Decal,,,, on its belt... sounds better. Ha Ha.....
  4. old shed finds

    Two old frames need identifying

    Sweet find,,,, good job...
  5. old shed finds

    One speed early production Blazer?

    Last fall we dug 4 tote gotes out of a shed in Utah.... A great find but had to keep eye out for black widows,, They were original family owned. He told me one was hardly rode because it would never run correctly.... The bike is this Blazer.....Its very dusty dirty but mechanical clean... and...
  6. old shed finds

    70s Rupp Sportster project.

    Oops,,,,, sorry guys Rupp scrambler,,,, with 22 bikes its hard to keep track of model names....
  7. old shed finds

    70s Rupp Sportster project.

    Oops'''' Rupp scrambler
  8. old shed finds

    70s Rupp Sportster project.

    We have a few parts to still order but this spring the Rupp is getting built..It looks like it is fun as hell to ride.
  9. old shed finds

    "Before and After" pics

    Very fun,I have same bike,it's cool to know a 5hp will fit, and nice to see the scrub brake is on a rod like yours,,,
  10. old shed finds

    ToteGote 1960 Barn Find

    Very sweet,,, Now you and Davis both have very clean original tote original B is all there but looks its age....
  11. old shed finds

    old copper 5hp briggs

    It's is from Ace Hardware,, 3 coats spray on and engine sat a week to fully set up,, cure,,, Engine decal is purchased off Ebay..8 bucks, Paint is Ace Hardware Premium core on can...seems to be a thick enamel..
  12. old shed finds

    Wanted,, The tear drop tote gote fuel tank.

    Looking for the tear drop gote tank.want to keep this blue machine with correct parts.. Will order? Pay pall? We will pay back for shipping cost.........let me know what you got.
  13. old shed finds

    Fun in garage winter project's

    60s Sherpa.... runs all day 212 clone swap.70s Bird waiting for grips and engine... 760 tote gote just bought last week.....
  14. old shed finds

    old copper 5hp briggs

    1969 Waiting to be swapped in our Tote Gote Mini Gote......... love these things...
  15. old shed finds

    2 low rpms clone

    Thanks for the information TheDullCarbide,, This blue machine is now at 7 mph hitting top range,, Tote Gote.... 2mph to 7mph..Model P..........Ha Ha...
  16. old shed finds

    The "What were they thinking!!?" Seat Thread

    We are so glad most of our seats are not photo on this article..... we would fill the page... Ha Ha
  17. old shed finds

    HS50/HS40 slanted intake manifold

    50 plus bucks on Ebay,,,, I need one too.71 Rupp Sportster....
  18. old shed finds

    2 low rpms clone

    Swapped in this 212 in a gote model P and govoner won't let it hit top ratio on the belt system? I'm going to play with the spring adjust slots,, just not enough RPMs.....
  19. old shed finds

    How to post pictures (Test Area)

    Holding phone sideways works for me..... hint from other members.....
  20. old shed finds

    Snow set up questions

    Glad I can add to this,, our Sherpa with 2 people will go anywhere..... we're in Utah.with its original 12" rear AG tire its unreal the spots it was taking us....1 foot deep honest true,, with a ski on front we really wonder its possibility....