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  1. Richard Trotter

    tote gote model B
  2. Richard Trotter

    Identify this engine

    The circled number shows the cubic inches of displacement for your motor. Markus is right, 13 cu/in = 5hp
  3. Richard Trotter

    A question on Tire tread patterns for you off road riders.

    The old Tote Gote racers would put the directional tires on backwards. This would prevent the tire from 'washing-out' on corners or off- camber situations.
  4. Richard Trotter

    Garey you are great 760 tote gote

    Looks like a good start, all the good stuff is there...
  5. Richard Trotter

    Vintage Tote Gote 760

    Looking good, can't wait to see your finished gote.
  6. Richard Trotter

    Tote Gote 600

    If you are going to ride your gote in the dirt, I would suggest you put your back tire on backward (opposite the directional tread). This help prevent the tire 'washing-out' on turns or side hill situations.
  7. Richard Trotter

    Tote Gote 600 Many Tote Gotes used this type tire, front and rear
  8. Richard Trotter

    Tote Gote 600

    In my opinion, a lug tire on the front would make it hard to steer...
  9. Richard Trotter

    Tote Gote 600

    This is my favorite for a Tote gote rear
  10. Richard Trotter

    Vintage Tote Gote 760

    Good work, Eric. We knew if you couldn't do it, no one could.
  11. Richard Trotter

    Vintage Tote Gote Model 404

    Anxious to see your gote...
  12. Richard Trotter

    Vintage Tote Gote 760

    watching with great interest...
  13. Richard Trotter

    Tote Gote Climb Away Driver unit 1"

    There was a clutch used in between the deepco and the climbaway. For a short time, they used a Salsbury 400.
  14. Richard Trotter

    What model Tote Gote is this frame and forks.

    Maybe a Tote gote model VS...
  15. Richard Trotter

    Similar to Tote Gote, but unsure....

    I'm with you, not sure what it is but I don't think it's a Tote gote.
  16. Richard Trotter

    Back to 2 Wheels..TOTE GOTE.."P"..
  17. Richard Trotter

    Magneto needed for 5hp Briggs & Stratton

    Pointless coil
  18. Richard Trotter

    Green Horn

    I sent you a PM with model B information