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    Steen's Taco Webpage

    I believe the excellent Steens Taco webpage has gone down. Anyone know if that's temporary?
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    Lynx 65

    I just finished the restoration of my Meyers Lynx 65 and took it to the Manx Club Run at Topaz Lake, NV and had Bruce Meyers sign it.
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    Taco 22DB Brake Arm

    Does someone have the dimensions of the Taco 22DB brake stay arm they can share(length, height, thickness, length of bent sections, size of slot)? Also, was the outer brake cable stop/adjuster originally mounted to the end of the arm as shown in the picture?
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    1967 Taco 22
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    Cat Dominator 7200645

    Frame and forks are straight. Tank appears intact. Wheels with wheel covers complete(don't turn). Wheel covers and forks need rechrome I'm asking $250. I can disassemble, wrap and deliver frame and forks to Greyhound Express Shipping.
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    Disassembly of Ceriani Hydraulic Shock

    This post is about how I disassembled some Ceriani hydraulic shocks. The article on the Steens webpage by Mac is about the disassembly of the non-hydraulic Ceriani shocks which shared the same Taco H-032 part number as the hydraulic shocks, but were a different model. In his article Mac says it...