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  1. Battery Man

    AGM Headers on the DB30

    Has anybody put an AGK header on their DB30 (w/ 6.5hp clone)? I'm wondering about clearnace with the straight, candycane, or other styles they sell. affordablegokarts: Straight Header, Single Stage
  2. Battery Man

    New MaxTorque clutch won't fit on stock shaft

    I just got a Max Torque clutch (5/8") for the stock DB engine. The stock clutch slides nicely off the crankshaft, but the new clutch won't go on. Even with key removed from clutch, no go. Caliper shows shaft is 5/8" and clutch ID is 5/8". I tried sanding the crankshaft down, but still no...
  3. Battery Man

    Clutch has 1/8" play along crankshaft

    My new Max Torque (#35, 3/4") clutch has some play along the crankshaft of a new 6.5HP Lifan engine I just bought from HF. Has anyone seen this before? I guess I'll look for a washer/spacer to keep the clutch from slopping back and forth along the shaft.
  4. Battery Man

    Rear Sprocket: What size bit for holes X 6?

    What size bit is needed for milling holes in a blank rear sprocket? This is for upgrade on stock DB30 doodlebug.
  5. Battery Man

    I've waited 30 years for today

    I got my first mini bike today. Wanted one since I was 6 years old. Merry Christmas to me!