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    A gift horse....

    Actually, SA, it doesn't always work like that. No thermostat means unregulated coolant flow. It's not uncommon for an engine to overheat, because the coolant flows too fast through the radiator, and isn't able to shed the heat quick enough. This leads to excessive heat buildup and...
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    A gift horse....

    Rob; if you're so inclined, here's a link to a board that I frequent. Roger
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    crazy idea to solve sea level rise

    Good luck with that. When was the last time a power plant of any type was built, let alone a nuke plant? Tree huggers raise holy hello when one is proposed, and file so many lawsuits, it gets delayed until the next coming. Your proposal of snow making to combat glacier melt may have merit, but...
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    Old B&S (I think)

    Still have it, and you're first in line. I'm in 50707. Shoot me a zip code and I'll get an estimate of packaged shipping cost. Roger
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    Old B&S (I think)

    OK, it appears that someone may have attempted to send me something concerning this. My screen was showing that I have two "alerts", but when I attempt to open them, I am told that I have no alerts. If you're wanting to call DIBS on it, you might want to post up in this thread, in the off chance...
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    Old B&S (I think)

    Free for the shipping. I rescued it from a scrap metal dumpster, and have no real use for it. I know some of you are into really vintage stuff. Rope pull, appears relatively complete, with exception of tension clip on spark plug wire. Does turn over, still has some compression.
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    Not a minibike...but an interesting go kart

    Well, I know that the FL250 Odyssey used rectangular frame rails. I think it was the FL350 that went to a full tube frame, so it might be some aftermarket body shell for it. Roger
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    Rupp info?

    Well, it was as good in person as the pic let on. Had good compression, was missing the tail light lens, but had a key in the switch. No ownership documents available, but that wouldn't have been too much of an issue in Iowa. Bad news.......on-line bidding drove it to $650, and live bidders...
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    Rupp info?

    Not yet. The auction is on the 7th, so I have to be patient, too. Roger
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    Rupp info?

    Oh, I'll definitely be going. I may be too much of a tightwad to bring it home, but I'm surely going to see about it. There's also an old sears "106" bike listed, but no pics. (I wonder if it sports an "Allstate" badge?) Thanks for the ads, Murphy. Roger
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    Rupp info?

    Upcoming farm auction has a "80cc Rupp minibike" listed, but no other info. Wheels look a bit large for a "mini" bike. More toward the size of 16" or 18", so that throws me a little. (Let's see if I can get a pic up.) Roger
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    Simple wiring question

    First, do you have any idea what the engine came out of? If not, then my suggestion is to hit up your local library for a book on snowmobile repair. Look for something that covers 70's vintage sleds, then look in the wiring diagrams for that motor, that should get you a starting point. I would...
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    McMaster Carr

    That is insane. Did a quick search on their site, and found #90770A029 that is a different alloy, but still a marine grade of stainless. $5.56 per 5-pack. Roger
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    McMaster Carr

    Surely they aren't grasping your explanation. There's no way that one, 1/4" stainless washer could cost 6+ dollars. Maybe if you sent them that pic? Roger
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    Today's impulse buy

    Hey, Strigoi! I'm not the site owner, but your language is getting a little salty, and we don't need to be teachin' kids anything they shouldn't learn too early. Just sayin'.....Roger
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    Pull Start Assembly Broke, looking for options

    Wetzeb; Check out the link I posted below. It's for an outfit calling them selves "Jack's small engines", and it should display a page of drawings for an 8-horse, B&S, horizontal shaft engine from an older Coleman generator. I recently bought both the starter clutch, and the rope pulley in...
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    Studemane and Davis are smart alecs.

    Thread locked in 5.....4.....3 Roger
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    My Back Yard Visitors...

    Manchester; You do know what happens to the smaller male, immediately after copulation, right? Roger
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    NOT so new old stock?!? Help!

    I'd say the seller was intentionally misleading prospective buyers, or has no clue as to what wear looks like. (I'm leaning toward the former.) Roger
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    First Front wheel drive Minibike?

    It appears that there is no way to steer it, unless it's a lean-to-steer technique. Roger