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  1. BingCrosby

    eBay Custom Frame Bike

    No frame... yet... it’s on the way.
  2. BingCrosby

    Tecumseh 3 Horse build

    I'm not the seller. Figured one of you guys could give some input on this. Tec 3 or 3.5 horsepower engine with a Dellorto carburetor. Apparently runs.
  3. BingCrosby

    2 Speed Experimentation

    I'm trying to recreate the Comet style of 2-speed clutch with the dual-sprocket clutch on the engine, and sprag gear-clutch on the jackshaft. For starters, the sprag gear system looks like it could be recreated with parts from Electric Scooter Parts, with adapter FWM-ADAPTER8, freewheel...
  4. BingCrosby

    H35 Steel-to-Aluminum Flywheel

    Could a Tecumseh #610781 flywheel fit on a H35 with a steel flywheel? And in doing so, do I have to convert the shroud from the more square style (which is currently on my motor) to the rounded pre-1973 shroud with the 590416 pull start cup (as is necessary when converting an HS50 to the 32517...
  5. BingCrosby

    HS50 Slowly Revving At Idle

    Hey there OldMiniBikes, I have an HS50 (67089A, electronic ignition) that seems to be slowly speeding up at idle. It has an eBay carb on it, specifically the one in this kit. On 1/3 choke, the engine plugs along fine, but upon releasing the choke, the engine begins to speed up. Ill be honest; I haven't...
  6. BingCrosby

    Tecumseh Billet Flywheel?

    I found (on ARC's website) several billet flywheels meant for Tecumseh engines. Two are for the TVM195/TVM220 (here and here) and one is for the vertical shaft V-Twin engines (here). I assume the V-Twin flywheel is unuseable on a single cylinder engine. Is the taper on the TVM195/220 similar to...
  7. BingCrosby

    HS50 Build

    Yessir... a Tecumseh build montage. My grandfather's (may he rest in peace) mini bike had an HS40 on it, and after being gifted a near-new GX160 the well-worn Tec motor was shoved to the side. I was planning on restoring the pitted, ancient engine when another post was talking about built...
  8. BingCrosby


    I was directed to this site from Reddit, and so far, I'm impressed! I have an Aggie 97 which was bought for my uncle in 1970 for his 8th grade graduation. It was used until about 1979, when the spark plug blew out of the top of the Tecumseh engine (my grandfather apparently used an incorrectly...