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  1. JohnC

    Tecumseh H30 Unique

    I came across two Tecumseh H30 motors today and one is pretty interesting. I attached some pictures maby some may know what this white motor came from or what bike. Has a unique North American Clutch as well. MODEL H30 - 35255H SERIAL 1216B
  2. JohnC

    Tecumseh H35

    Mount Airy MD came off Havasu Dave's WILDCAT. Tecumseh H35 fully went threw and painted. It sat on the bike for awhile but its immaculate. I fired it up once but seems like the carb could be tuned and cleaned. Has a MAXTORQUE 3/4 12t 35 chain clutch a nice kill switch. Ready to go. I am...
  3. JohnC


    Decided to part out a HPE WILCAT this is what I have left. Everything else is single listed on ebay. Located in Mount Airy Maryland 21771. $450 may trade for a cool project roller bike like a chopper or lil indian. The chrome on the wheels are very nice aswell as everything else. If anyone...
  4. JohnC

    Aggie 97 Mini Bike

    Have a Aggie 97 for sale. Forks were bent and will need to be fixed and weld the tubes back on. The bars that slide in the fork tubes are straight all though one has a chip where the front wherl axle goes threw. Everything you see is what I have. Fenders are decent. Good project. Was missing...
  5. JohnC

    Plain Jane Lil Indian

    Just sharing my Lil Indian. This video I was barley getting into the speed. Didnt have ant brake hooked up or enough room.
  6. JohnC


    Today I got this bike. What I believe to be a Mickey Bike. The foot pegs and front shocks throw me off but many seem sure it is a Mickey Bike. Thought I would share. Maby some experts can chime in. Supposedly it was in storage for decades... Motor - 80202 0278 01 6806171 Chain Guard Model -...
  7. JohnC

    Cat HPE Muskin WILDCAT Mini Bike

    $1350.00 Located in Mount Airy MD 21771 I am also restoring Rupp TT500 looking for a few chrome parts I will work into to a trade with money. For your consideration is a very nice example of a vintage Cat HPE Muskin WILDCAT mini bike fully restored. The bike has been done up with new paint...
  8. JohnC

    Replica Lil Indian Chain Guard.

    Looking for a fiberglass / replica Lil Indian Chain guard. Thanks.
  9. JohnC


    When I was a young kid I remember riding with my dad to school in the T bucket. I thought He was the coolest guy on planet earth. I fell in love with mini bikes hot rods and wanting to shine like him. Its crazy how you can love care cherish look up to your own father and never once have i ever...
  10. JohnC

    Tecumseh H60

    $350 Shipped Selling a Tecumseh 6.0hp. Just put a new carb on it and it runs like a top. I am willing to repaint it before I ship (FOR FREE) if you want me to. Color choices are White or Black. Its missing the air cleaner set up . However has a fuel shut off control under the tank. Starts...
  11. JohnC

    HS40 CLEAN

    I have a Never used HS40 that I bought from a nice gentleman who decided to take the new carb off for another motor. He let the HS 40 just sit never used. I recently ordered A new Carb threw some oil and gas in it for the first time and ran it for about 1 minute. Nice strong and fires up like a...
  12. JohnC

    Lil Indian Kickstand

    Looking for a Lil Indian Kickstand. Does not have to be pretty I can re paint. Thanks!
  13. JohnC

    NOS 1970 Briggs 5hp
  14. JohnC

    Fox Mini Bike Frame Roller

    I am selling a Fox Mini Bike Frame/Roller. Handlebars are straight and suspension works very smooth. Headlight has no bulb. Please let me know if you have any questions. $299.99 OBO 21771 Mount Airy Maryland Local Pick Up
  15. JohnC

    Rupp Tail Light

    I have a original Rupp tail light. I used a newer bottom clear lense and a newer bulb with wires. The light works great. Great candidate for re chrome. Video of the light working on my bike. 125$ shipped
  16. JohnC

    Lil Indian

    I bought a Lil Indian this evening. It has a set of wheels I have never seen. Could they be early Lil Indian wheels? Tires look original. Thanks.
  17. JohnC

    Tecumseh H50 NOS

    I am selling a NOS H50 5hp motor. 3/4 Shaft Drilled and tapped. It just had oil and gas in it two days ago to show it runs. Besides that I painted it white. It was originally dark gray. Waiting only on a H50 Balloon decal. Thought I would offer it for sale on some groups before I list on Ebay...
  18. JohnC

    Lil indian Seat

    I am selling a Lil Indian seat. There is a scuff mark on the right side of the seat shown in pictures. Not sure if it is a original seat there is a date on the bottom. Appears to be Aug 5th 1970. I am getting another seat and no longer need this style seat. $90 shipped!
  19. JohnC

    Briggs 3hp Runs NICE

    My briggs 3hp.. A great motor!
  20. JohnC

    Tecumseh Carburetor Question

    On my HS50 I have a lot of play in the top of the throttle butterfly. I put locktight on the screw inside. I'm sure that is tight. I am curious if there is a fix or bushing part number I may need. Thanks again.