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    Old B&S (I think)

    Free for the shipping. I rescued it from a scrap metal dumpster, and have no real use for it. I know some of you are into really vintage stuff. Rope pull, appears relatively complete, with exception of tension clip on spark plug wire. Does turn over, still has some compression.
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    Rupp info?

    Upcoming farm auction has a "80cc Rupp minibike" listed, but no other info. Wheels look a bit large for a "mini" bike. More toward the size of 16" or 18", so that throws me a little. (Let's see if I can get a pic up.) Roger
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    Hydrostat trans?

    Has anybody experimented with hydro transaxles out of garden tractors in use as a drive system for a kart? I'm wondering how well it might work to overspeed one to try to get some real speed out of it. I'm suspecting one won't be able to do that without arranging some type of jackshaft with the...
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    Road trip!

    Scroll down and check out the pics in the second listing. Might be a few trinkets for some of you. Fox Auction Company - Home Roger
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    Anniversary, in memory of;

    Feb. 3, 1959, just a bit northwest of Mason City, Iowa. Roger
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    Cobra/Henrob torch?

    Didn't want to twist up the aluminum frames thread with this question. Has anybody tried using propane with a Cobra/Henrob torch? I know it works with "conventional" torches, but propane doesn't give quite the heat that acetylene does, so it may be a factor in it's use. Roger
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    YES! It's Dec. 21st.

    That day when the northern hemisphere will start tipping back toward the sun. The days will slowly get longer, the average daily temp will start to increase, and before long, we'll see the first Robins of spring, and the new growing season will be upon us. The days of me feeling cold all the...
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    Accessory fittings?

    Guys, I found a bit of hardware that might interest some of you. If you find yourself in need of a clamp-on bracket for mounting things to either 7/8" or 1" tubing, you might try Bimini top fittings for boats and/or pontoons. Polished stainless, with thier own hardware included. Bimini Top...
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    This is cool.

    Had a little car/bike show in Monticello, Iowa yesterday. This happened to be on disply. Thought you all might like the pics.......enjoy. Roger
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    Swap meet.

    Popped up on a Craigslist search. Iowa Classic Cycle & Scooter Swap Meet at Humboldt, IA. Roger
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    THIS is recycling!

    OMG! Anybody else see what this is built from? :doah: old go kart 60S ? Roger
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    Cheeseheads....Heads Up !!

    two mini bike minibike minibikes for sale Looks like it could be a good deal. Roger
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    Learned advise, please?

    I find myself in need of some advise for an engine, as I'm a bit behind the 8-ball on small engineas. Have a Briggs 3-hp flathead off of an older Sears lawn edger. Numbers are 143 814032 SER 0317B. Missing carb and tank. (It looks like the carb would have been mounted to the bottom of the...
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    Anybody else........

    Having problems with the OldMiniBikes online parts link? I tried shopping for 10" wheel, and I get the general category page, but trying to click on a specific category, all I get is a large green banner for the small engine repair forum. Am I missing something obvious, or is there really a problem...
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    Another FNG from Iowa

    Figured I should make an intro, being as I've already posted a few times. Name's Roger. Picked up a Gemini from a swap meet in Cedar rapids for $50, to discover it's not a commonplace bike. Got another a few weeks later from Wisconsin for $125. Have all the major pieces now to put together a...
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    Gemini brakes?

    Anyone know of a supplier/vendor that can re-line the brake shoes on my Gemini? The shoes I have are in decent shape, but there's no friction lining left on them. It appears that the original adhesive gave up some time ago. Roger
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    Chicago area C/L......

    Somebody in northern IL needs to jump on this; 69' Bronco 50 Mini Bike Roger
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    Gemini or Rupp?

    DIBS! Going up to look at it next weekend. Don't buy it out from under me. (Can't seem to post any pics or links. Keep getting a "New posts are checked for number of URL's" message.) C-list in Madison, WI. has a listing for a bike that appears to be a Gemini, but I'm no expert. Tank...
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    Gemini; start of a rebuild

    I have that Gemini Scrambler torn down into sub-assemblies, and thought I'd start with the forks. Got them apart to find that the nylon/delrin sliding bushings are badly worn, with one of them loose on the inner fork section. Thinking about what to use to replace them, and thought I should...
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    Gemini Scrambler parts supplier?

    New to the forum, and just "found" what appears to be a Gemini Scrambler at a swap meet over the weekend. Going to need some original/aftermarket replacement parts. Anyone have a line on a known supplier? Perhaps one of the other members might have some good used components? Sorry, have it...