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    Worn governor shaft bore

    I have a hs40 with a very worn governor shaft bore. Is there a way to install a bushing in the block to fix this or do I need to find a better block?
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    H70 throttle control

    I have a H70 on one of my bikes. I have the correct thottle and governor set up on the engine. The problem is the factory return spring is pretty stout and after a short while the thottle is painful to hold. Does anybody have a suggestion for improvement.
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    Allis Chalmers/Gillson decals

    Does anybody have some pictures of an Allis bike with the decals on it? I want to get mine placed correctly.
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    Comet clutch adjustment

    I have a 20 series clutch on a h70 engine. I'm looking for a clutch spring for 2000 rpm engagement. It should be a purple spring pn 011187A. I haven't been able to find one available anywhere. I have the 1800 rpm springs and the 2200 rpm springs. One's a little low and the other is a little...
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    MTD gas cap

    I have 2 MTD bikes, one fuel tank has a large fuel cap the other a smaller fuel cap. I need to locate the small cap. Can somebody give me some insight as to what will fit it?
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    Throttle linkage H70

    I'm trying to put together a throttle linkage on a H70. The pinned information provided here is great except the key parts are not available anymore. Does anybody make the obsolete parts or have an alternative throttle system?
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    Wards 525 seat

    What are the origional seat dimentions for the Wards 525 bike with the fuel tank in the rear?
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    HS40 flywheel

    I pulled the flywheel off a lighted hs40 engine that I'm rebuilding and found the steel shoes that are glued to the magnets are all loose. Has anybody had any luck reglueing the steel piece back on the magnets?
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    MTD 60 tooth sprocket

    I'm in need of a good 60 tooth rear sprocket for an MTD trail bike, 41 chain.
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    MTD drive belt

    I recently picked up a trailflight minibike. I need to get a new asymmetrical belt for it. Does anybody have dimensions for the correct belt?
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    Slant intake

    Is anybody still making slant intakes for the hs40 engines?
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    Timing oh hs40 with solid state ignition

    I have a freshly rebuilt hs40 with a solid state ignition. It starts easy and runs good but it doesn't accelerate as well as my hs40 engines that have points and I have timed right at .035. It seems like the solid state ignition timing is a little late. How do I go about advancing the timing a...
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    Comet clutch on a Rupp

    I just put a comet clutch on my latest Rupp build. I need to raise the engagement rpms slightly. I'm running the Rupp secondary clutch with the spring at it's tightest setting. I see that there are a number of different springs available for these clutches to change engaugement and backshift...
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    My new Rupp Enduro

    I just finished this boke up last week. Rode it in a parade this week.
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    Sears Puddle Jumper

    Does anybody have one of these bikes? I'm trying to fabricate the spring loaded chain tightener and I need to find a picture of the original tightener.
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    HS45 and HS50 parts interchange

    I have a nos hs45 short block. I also have a tired hs50 engine will the head, and flywheel from the hs50 work on the hs45? Both engines are post 80 builds.
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    Hs40 crankshaft

    I have a ball bearing crankshaft and side cover from an engine with points ignition. Can I swap this crank and side cove into a newer hs40 with a solid state ignition?
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    Rupp torque converter help needed

    I need a measurement of how thick the spacer washer is that goes behind the primary clutch on the engine. This is a 70 Enduro I'm working on. Thanks
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    Rupp hustler front wheel

    I need a front wheel with a brake drum on it for a rupp hustler. I'm also in need of the front strut with the brake lug on it.
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    Comet Clutches

    What are the advantages of the 30 series setup over the older 20 series clutching?