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  1. fistfullabar

    Tecumseh Motorsports OHV 195cc

    seems like the air gap is wrong? is this setup right? how is my coil looking?
  2. fistfullabar

    Tecumseh Motorsports OHV 195cc

    looks like a thin spacer. but the seats are cast uneven. intake side is cast lower with the spacer. exhaust side is cast higher. 5.5 head likely.
  3. fistfullabar

    Tecumseh Motorsports OHV 195cc

    motorsports valves. yellow springs?? looks like aluminum retainers maybe?? Delray I have not tried it yet but the float needle was sticking so I polished it. should work...lets see!
  4. fistfullabar

    RIP Bonanza Dave Miller !

    Medicare for all....
  5. fistfullabar


    left mikuni middle runtong right keihin honda clone honda clone honda xr70 mikuni came on 70cc pit bike that was raced. runtong came off 110cc honda clone engine. the keihin came stock off the honda. while they all look similar. nothing is compatible with each other. try and tune them carbs!!!
  6. fistfullabar

    Rupp frame

    speedway with the wrong wheels. looks like 1970 rupp wheels.
  7. fistfullabar

    Tecumseh intakes

    intake flanges for tecumseh ohh 5 to 7hp engines. powersport and motorsport models.egine intake is D shaped and I had a flange made for the 22mm carbs. it is fiber optic laser made. hi tech for oldschool....
  8. fistfullabar

    71’ Speedway scarab torque converter removal

    nice! was ya hubs plastic mine were cracked and I was able to get some billet aluminum ones made. keep the o.g. parts but it would be nice some billet ones.
  9. fistfullabar

    71’ Speedway scarab torque converter removal

    penetration oil and time. I had the same one and bent it taking it off with a bearing puller. the tab is bent/pressed in the keyway. it is hard to find a replacement. when you get it off I would make a billet version of it if I work ed in a machine shop!!
  10. fistfullabar

    Tecumseh Motorsports OHV 195cc

    my homemade intake
  11. fistfullabar

    Tecumseh Motorsports OHV 195cc

  12. fistfullabar

    tecumseh-ohh build

    awe inspiring build! stay heavy wit da pics! gonna be a award winner!
  13. fistfullabar

    Bending/Form Fitting a New Header Pipe.....???

    can u send it back? Robertson's torque tubes makes awesome exhaust for a very good price plus custom pieces. they seem to be mini bike/ go kart guys so they might have a one for your mini already. plus made in the U.S.A.! p.s. nice car next time Pop the hood. hope the engine looks as clean and...
  14. fistfullabar

    The Impaler

    but I don't do links and please keep ya silly internet lingo to your self and why would I care if everyone has to see it? stop with your fake dogma rules...besides plenty to read on here. search botton works just fine.
  15. fistfullabar

    stainless flexible exhaust for intake??

    had visions of vortex cyclones due to the "spiral effect"...just being lazy. gonna have ta build um sooner or later.