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  1. Docdc

    Bird Golden Pinto for sale.

    Hello all. One of several bikes to be going up for sale. This is a Golden Pinto that I did I believe in 2016. It is powder coated and the gulf stickers are vinyl and not under clear in case some one may wish to remove them. I did this as a Gulf bike but it easily can be a Richard Petty bike...
  2. Docdc

    Help Setting An HS50 Governor

    Hi, I am putting a HS50 back together but I have NOT been into the crank case. I have put an intake assembly, throttle assembly, muffler and gas tank back onto it. With the help of Fantic Freddie We started this motor on the ground. 3 pulls and she fired right up, no smoke...
  3. Docdc

    Need Spring # for throttle control Tecumseh 730136A

    I am looking for the part number for the spring that goes between the throttle control and the governor shaft. Help???:mad2::shrug: Doc
  4. Docdc

    I Am Back!.....(Well, Mostly)

    Tomorrow will be 6 weeks and I am just beginning to feel human again. Today I started off with no pain whatsoever. This is the first day I can move and walk pain free (so far). I can see the light at the end and because I am off of the heavy meds I can think again. I still need a few more weeks...
  5. Docdc

    Welding and a Pacemaker

    Well........ Looks like my heart took me out of the build off this year. I had a Fox Campus to do and unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how one views it :ohmy:) I will have to have open heart on February 2nd. So I have been advised they will implant leads for a pacemaker. Oh...
  6. Docdc

    Just found a Tote Gote 404

    I must be a hell of a guy. I went to Canfield car swap shop yesterday as there is a 74 year old man who loves the car swaps. He can no longer walk shows so I loaded up the golf cart and we spent the day there. Just as a preface, it seems like we NEVER see Tote Gotes in Ohio. Low and behold in...
  7. Docdc

    One of the Most Hated Minis.........

    I can't quite grasp why the Minibike World hates the Carter Shortster so much BUT..... (I love the thing) I found myself incredibly bored over the last few days so I decided to do some stupid stuff. Saddlebags!!!! I wound up the lathe and the mig and made some brackets. There...
  8. Docdc

    Seats and a Sprocket

    Original Heald VT-3 seat. The usual rips and tears. $15 plus shipping. The white seat is a Fox small wheel seat. Almost no ripping at all. For a Trailbug...Doodlebug...those types. $25 plus shipping The black seat is for a Doodlebug DB30. No rips, no tears and the spot you see...
  9. Docdc

    It's Been a Tough Few Days So Today Was Crafty Day

    I decided I needed a few hours just to myself to play. So here it is....a little blasting, a little welding and maybe a touch of painting. Doc
  10. Docdc

    I Broke Down and Bought a Shop Fox Lathe/Mill Combo

    I can't stand it anymore. I just can't stand to ask to use other people's machines all of the time. I bought this thing and I hope it turns out OK. I don't have everyday use for a lathe but this will take care of the things I need to do. It threads funny but like any machine I will get used to...
  11. Docdc

    Charger Chopper and Tires

    I am helping a friend to get this Charger together and running for Windber. He's not going to get this on his own lol. The rear tire is 14x5.5x6. It doesn't appear there are any tires available this size. Any recommendations of tires that could be used or does anyone have a tire this size that...
  12. Docdc

    Pin striping at Windber

    Is there anyone here who is going to Windber who is a pin striper or who can do it very well??? I have a frame that I would like to stripe the fenders instead of the common color strip down the center. Thanks!! Doc
  13. Docdc

    International Motorcycle Show in Cleveland

    I had to laugh when I saw the drift trike there. There was a nice 5hp Briggs motor on there. I so wanted to run that thing around the facility. I wanted to run the Street Glide around too. lol! Doc
  14. Docdc

    Heald VT-3 Help Fixing Front Fender

    OK, I am going to put this out to everyone. I am restoring a VT-3 and as usual, the front fender is cracked around the mounting holes. I don't think they are too bad. What's the best way to fix this and get it ready for the plater?? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Doc
  15. Docdc

    Cushman Minute Mizer

    Here is an interesting restoration project. This is a Cushman Minute Miser. According to the Cushman factory, this was sold only to the Burlington Northern railroad and they bought approximately 20 to 35 a year. It was used as a track inspection car. It has an 8hp lighted gas Kohler engine that...
  16. Docdc

    Heald VT-3, OldMiniBikes Build Off, Vintage Class

    First, thanks cheezy1 and mrpat for your time to do this. I have a Heald VT-3 bought from Ron Kimble's son about 2 months ago. It's missing some stuff but I am excited to get back to work on a mini after taking almost a year off. I'm still in the process of collecting parts but there is lots to...
  17. Docdc

    Gamewell Fire Box

    I guess I am the neighborhood restoration expert. Restore a few minibikes and people think you know what you're doing. A neighbor gave me this fire box to restore for his wife. What a great piece. He is 75 years old and works for the city. Someone threw this in the trash. Anyway, I have had it...
  18. Docdc

    Comet TC-88 Driver 3/4" Bore Wanted

    I need a TC-88 complete driver in pretty good shape. Any help would be appreciated. Doc
  19. Docdc

    I want to SCREAM! Super Bronc Throttle.

    OK. The Super Bronc is finished for now. All engine work and wiring is done. EXCEPT.....I can't get this throttle cable to stay put. I have done all kind of things I can think of but it slips down after about a half hour and the throttle positioning changes. Anyway, here is a picture of it where...
  20. Docdc

    Manchester1, I think I found your ride