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  1. flpmurphy

    My rupp diggers

    First digger is repainted new seat with h70 with 2 speed an pipe. Second diggers is stock original h50.
  2. flpmurphy

    Cat99 driven

    Looking for nos or nice 6in cat99 driven.
  3. flpmurphy

    H50 30755 flywheel

    Need a big block 30755 flywheel.
  4. flpmurphy


    Picked this up last week. Cleaned it up waxed the paint which shined up decent. Repaint engine an got a new belt. rides pretty good. Handlebars were black I stripped it off no chrome underneath so I went with the closed red I had for now.Now just finding the clutch cover.Bike
  5. flpmurphy

    Clutch guard for k&s

    Need clutch cover for my bike I’m redoing
  6. flpmurphy

    K&S ?

    Pick this up yesterday k&s deluxe. Did the come in red. Got the engine of an running.
  7. flpmurphy

    Heald vt5

    Picked this vt5 up awhile back. I got the original motor running but smoking when u rev it up. I transferred the lighting coil an flywheel over to a low hr hs50 I had. It didn’t have the complete tav with it so I switched it ove to a 30 series which works great. Thanks to rick chatten for the...
  8. flpmurphy

    Rupp fender

    Used rupp fender not perfect but usable. 40.00 free shipping
  9. flpmurphy

    Chrome shroud

    My new find I got today
  10. flpmurphy

    Rupp digger

    My rupp digger. Bike not original but the h50 an 2 speed it runs great.
  11. flpmurphy

    Rupp c350 rear shocks

    Need a decent set mine are wrong
  12. flpmurphy

    Rupp c350

    Been working on this rupp c350 with a 1970 hs40. This will be for me an my 12yr old to ride the neighborhood. Haven’t put the front fender on still waiting for the tire to be delivered. Only thing is the tank still haven’t found one. Any leads on a good
  13. flpmurphy

    Rupp c350 tank

    Need a good usable tank
  14. flpmurphy

    Speedway scarab

    On my way back from vacation stopped had lunch an while eating seen this for sale in my hometown. Tank is clean and both front rear brakes are there.
  15. flpmurphy

    Fox thunderbolt 170
  16. flpmurphy

    Tecumseh 7 hole muffler

    Need this doesn’t have to new just usable.
  17. flpmurphy

  18. flpmurphy

    Really small brister’s kid’s mini bike

    Got this thing from one of my brothers friend man is it small.
  19. flpmurphy

    Survivor bird scat bat.

    Picked this up today from the original owner she rode when she was a kid.
  20. flpmurphy

    1969 rupp roaster Great guy local to me. I’ve seen all his bikes