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    Barn find HS40 72 rupp

    Came across this a few weeks ago. So wanted to get started. Engine is tore down, honed. The bore is 2.633 to 2.636:(. I ordered std rings before I checked the bore? My mistake, ring gap w/new rings .021not good. Probably should look at .010 rings? The only big item i need is the lighted...
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    HS40 RUPP part 2

    It's winter in WI so what do you do? Blow snow and tear down your HS40 to investigate. Last summer with the help of OldMiniBikes members, you guided me thru and helped me to get my Rupp Roadster ticking again after 45 years, ie. HS40 RUPP post. The engine started and ran but had a few issues, so I...
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    Log cabin minibike jamboree today..

    Log cabin minibike jamboree today.
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    HS40 Rupp

    I'm sure this question has been asked a hundred times. I'm rebuilding my original 1970 Rupp with parts from the original engine. Measuring the crankshaft up it looks like it's point .984, not good. What's my options? Are there new connecting rods available that are undersize? I guess my dad was...
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    70 Rupp Roadster build blower housing

    It has been a few months since I last posted. I am working on bringing back to life my 70 Roadster I purchased back in Nov 1970. (actually a Xmas present from my parents). The old bike, ( see pic find and current) has been hiding my my dads shed for 40 plus years. Missing a few parts and of...
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    New to OldMiniBikes

    Dalpan here, new to the site. Just last week I retrieved my old 1970 Rupp Roadster from dad's farm. Buried in the shed I thought I had to bring it back to life. So I'll have few questions and hope to learn a lot. Need a few parts (engine) the orig but has a hole in the block. My first forum so...