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  1. Harquebus

    Max RPM's shut it down or she'll blow...

    Throttle lever at maximum? Return it to low speed. Idle speed set too high? Use a screwdriver.
  2. Harquebus

    Free Roller!

    Aha, my other guess was going to be that it had a fiberglass car body on it. Could've been a Indy car/Formula-1 style body. No idea how old it is, does it have a manufacturer decal? Check in front of the seat on the floor pan. But my guess is, from that date on the manual (1994), that it is...
  3. Harquebus

    Free Roller!

    Here's a manual for the American Express Model #225 which also covers the basic Dingo too, except for the roll cage and large balloon tires they had... Manco Model 225 Looks like the gas and brake pedals are MIA. GoPowerSports has them and the return springs...
  4. Harquebus

    Free Roller!

    It's a Manco Dingo or American Express frame, with what looks like extra junk tacked on. Gewgle "Manco American Express" for pics. It's American made, woohoo! The front wheels are original (to the kart) cast aluminum two piece rims and are rare/collectible/valuable. Not sure on the rear rims...
  5. Harquebus

    Today’s score

    Cool, aged condition. Is it more or less in stock condition? As in is the rear wheel and tire supposed to be that big? . I guess the 'suicide throttle' goes with the garden tiller engine (with secondary/reverse shaft) that was added sometime in the past. Could be a snowblower engine though...
  6. Harquebus

    3HP Briggs carb

    I'd check fleabay for a used recoil starter assembly. But the part number is #692144. Check places like this site to see if they actually have it in stock: Rewind starter/blower housing The carburetor diaphragm is part #272538S. Since that's a critical item that often wears out, it would be...
  7. Harquebus

    3HP Briggs carb

    I see your pics just fine. I'm not super familiar with the forum parameters (they keep changing stuff) but there may be a 5 photo limit per post. The last set of digits contain the date of manufacture. 0101093A means 2001, January 9th. The last two digits are factory number 3 and assembly line...
  8. Harquebus


    Well, obviously it's a poor man's Harley-Davidson WLA "army bike". Heh. Nice find.
  9. Harquebus

    Hot Balls Johnson

    Idle seems a little high, but otherwise OK. Your kart riding was off the screen more so than if you went horizontal.... If we all join forces, we can defeat the vertical video syndrome scourge!
  10. Harquebus

    Super Stuck Wheelage Bro!

    I agree with chrisr. Tilt the kart on its side and saturate the wheel hub with penetrating fluid and let gravity assist. Do it on the half hour, hourly, daily and use torch heat on the hub alone (avoid heating the axle) to help it separate from the axle. Beat on it from the reverse side with a...
  11. Harquebus

    3HP Briggs carb

    . Got engine pics? Post the engine's ID numbers from the side of the blower/starter housing. Briggs categorizes 3.5 hp flathead motors as 90000 series. The first set of numbers will be either 91000, 92000, 93000, 94000, or 95000. You can look up parts lists for your engine by the series...
  12. Harquebus

    Restoring My Bird Eng. Bike

    That new engine looks like a parts mess. Do you know its size/displacement? If you want to bypass or disconnect the governor, I would go with the over-the-blower "racing" throttle setup that connects directly to the throttle butterfly. It's known as Briggs Throttle Kit 426774 on OldMiniBikes...
  13. Harquebus

    Need help & advice getting an old B&S Mini bike running

    1. Don't worry about fitting the proper chain length, just buy more #35 chain than you need and 'cut' it to fit with a decent a chain breaker tool and get yourself proficient in breaking chain. As to finding the proper length of chain, you need to factor in that the slotted holes for the engine...
  14. Harquebus

    3HP Briggs carb

    . That site is user-supported so there may be more 100% gas available in your area but they're currently unlisted. Another potential source for pure gas would be Avgas (aviation gasoline) for piston engine aircraft, so if you have an airport nearby you may be able to get it. It's usually 100...
  15. Harquebus

    Briggs 550

    Hmmm...another generic OHV Briggs. Wonder if it's made by Briggs or outsourced from China?
  16. Harquebus

    3HP Briggs carb

    Avoid it at all costs if you can. Get 100% gasoline and never look back. I use this site to seek out the stations that sell it: Pick your state at the bottom of the main page. ;)
  17. Harquebus

    briggs throttle linkage

    Using the original Briggs governor/throttle control under the gas tank would be the best, IMO. See this thread showing both early and later governor controls, adapted for vehicle use--- Briggs Throttle Control The kit #692316 "Briggs and Stratton Throttle Control" can be used for both engine...
  18. Harquebus

    Picked up this original bonanza engine today

    You misunderstood my tone. This gentleman made a post just showing an engine he bought but nothing further. No info, no questions, no further content provided like a cleaning or rebuild which to me seems a bit pointless.
  19. Harquebus

    Picked up this original bonanza engine today

    And? So, what?
  20. Harquebus

    brigs 2 hp throttle hook up

    Got photos of your engines? Engines that have an internal mechanically geared governor are easy IF you wish to maintain the factory governor. Their throttle controls attach to the governor linkage under the fuel tank, for example.