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    Boonie Bike Project

    Hi all.... I'm going to run through my Boonie build up to present. I started the actual build back in April. As of today it still isn't done but is close. Attached is a pic as it sits today: I originally had a Boonie back when I was 15 - got it for a Christmas present in 1968. I sold it...
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    WTB -Boonie Bike Light Kit

    Hi all, I'm looking for a Boonie Bike light kit - everything including batt. box, horn, brakelite switch etc. New or used but if used has to be in decent condition. PM me if you can help out. Thanks! Steve
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    Boonie-Bike Frame Color

    Does anyone know of a close match to the original color on the Boonie-Bike frame? I've seen several that are close but not close enough. I still have enough color on it to possibly get a paint match but if I can find something pretty close that will work for me.
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    OldMiniBikes site having problems?

    Hi, is anyone having problems with the OldMiniBikes site being extremely slow to load pages? It is taking several minutes for each page to come up for me. I have a couple friends having a similar problem with it. This is the only site I am having problems with - everything else I look at loads...
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    Heaild Trail Bronc seat bottom dimensions

    Hi, does anyone on here have the dimensions or pattern for the seat bottom on a Heald Trail Bronc? A picture with length and width would work. Thanks, Steve
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    WTB Complete Jackshaft for '70 Rupp Roadster

    Hi, I'm looking for a complete jackshaft assembly (gear to gear) for a 1970 Rupp Roadster. If anyone has all the pieces I'm looking for let me know. Reply here or PM. Thanks!! Steve
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    Predator pull starter

    Havent seen a Predator up close yet but can the recoil starter be removed and rotated to put the pull rope in a different position? Thanks!!