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    original tecumseh mini bike engine and others

    would i need a new clutch because my current shaft is 3/4 i used a micrometer and length is over 2". i need a motor the vintage motors are aroma therapy for child hood memories lol
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    original tecumseh mini bike engine and others

    hello,up for sale is a1975 4hp tecumseh off a mini bike,has original throttle control bracket,air filter body,taylor exaust and center fill gas tank new paint job and oil change new fuel line and shutoff valve and decals,cylinder walls looked good,the carb is original but is dented on one side...
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    original tecumseh mini bike engine and others

    so that 1" in diameter? whats up with the 2nd spline in the shaft im not a pro so i want ask? what state are you in? the price is 75 in working condition?
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    Comment by 'Emello' in media '1974 Honda XL70 roller'

    That was my first bike bronze and black
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    original tecumseh mini bike engine and others

    when you say 1 inch you mean for the clutch i have a h40 in pieces with like a 2.5 inch shaft. i have new hed gasket just have to find the head bolts i have them in a box in my garage somewhere. How much are you asking and whats the HP?
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    original tecumseh mini bike engine and others

    do you still have the 4hp white?
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    before dis assemble
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    partial re assemble
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    Pennsylvania barn find
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    Alexander reynolds ez rider parts

    you have?