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Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

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    WTB -Boonie Bike Light Kit

    Thanks for the tip - it would certainly work. Looks pretty similar to me.
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    Boonie Bike Project

    MAY 2020: I repaired 2 small cracks on the front fender then primed and painted the fenders: 2 coats white primer, 3 coats gloss white and 2 coats gloss clear Next I painted the chain cover: 2 coats primer, 3 coats gloss white and 2 coats gloss clear. Installed the decal on the cover:
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    Boonie Bike Project

    With the virus shutting things down I decided to start on the Boonie Bike. APRIL 2020: Weather was pretty warm around here so I started cleaning the frame and forks - last year I had to straighten the forks slight bend on upper left handlebar). The crossbar for footpegs were bent up and broke...
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    Boonie Bike Project

    I started getting various pieces off and on for the next couple years: A) Bought a newer running 5hp B&S engine and bought a set of vintage decals for a late sixties 5hp engine. B) Got a twist throttle and L/side hand grip, brake lever and cable. C) Got some #35 chain and a new centrifigal...
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    Boonie Bike Project

    Hi all.... I'm going to run through my Boonie build up to present. I started the actual build back in April. As of today it still isn't done but is close. Attached is a pic as it sits today: I originally had a Boonie back when I was 15 - got it for a Christmas present in 1968. I sold it...
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    WTB -Boonie Bike Light Kit

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    Broke crank arm? Loud noise in motor

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    My first doodle bug build

    Looks good!!
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    Broke crank arm? Loud noise in motor

    We are all curious now - you have to open the old motor up and show us the damage!!
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    AACA Hershey Car Museum

    Pretty cool - congrats on your display bikes!
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    WTB -Boonie Bike Light Kit

    BUMP!!! Mainly need battery box 1st priority then rear taillight bracket and light assembly.
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    New to this forum...

    Coming along nicely. I like the color of the wheels - look good with the blue frame.
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    WTB -Boonie Bike Light Kit

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    Model and Manufacturer ?

    Yep - a Go-Devil. I have one but it's not original. Yous looks like a lot of it is there.
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    Governor Crank Gear Removal

    I agree Davis! I like keeping my body parts intact......
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    Heath kit hilltopper

    You should probably list what you want in the Want section - might get a better response!
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    1990 Hauler

    Nice find!
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    Scored a Montgomery Ward VT525!!!

    Cleaned up pretty nice!
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    I'm still alive (kb2rocket)

    Welcome back...............
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    WTB -Boonie Bike Light Kit

    Here is a couple photos of parts on a bike. Pic 1 shows bracket and taillight. Pic 2 shows horn and battery box. These are best I could find - not sure if they will help. (Don't know who's bike this is). Steve