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  1. delray


    yes it seems like
  2. delray


    yesterday we drag my flatrack bikes. i had to change couple things over on the bike so they could drag better. i really struggled with making the 70 rupp run right with gearing and affecting the carb on the top end. i just had no time this week to test and tune it correct so i send it as
  3. delray


    my 70 rupp drag bike was turn into a flattrack bike. all new suspension and more stuff. racing at atwater race track with both bikes. atwater track
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    found some video to post of are 71 rupp racing at aztalan. track is BIG. end up running 3rd place that night. bike is fast and has more then enough power to win. just that my driver needs to learn how to drive the corners much harder. bike ran out front for the first couple laps. then gets...
  5. delray


    other carb i have had very good results on a big bore clone small block with all correct parts has been the flatside 24mm mikuni. all these flatside and round carb's for me have work very well when setup with the right application. for basic hot rodding on a flathead small block or even a clone...
  6. delray


    i have only purchase one OKO carb(26mm) and had very good luck on a full built ohh tecumseh with a big bore, big valve 32/28mm,stroke 218cc,356 cam.
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    for me when it comes to aftermarket 22mm carb's for a tecumseh. it has to be a china/mikuni carb. just so easy to tune once you understand how slide tube carb works and the parts are also easy to get. all real mikuni jets and pilots interchange. one pull with the choke on and they fire up too...
  8. delray

    1969 MTD Trail Flight

    just to give you heads up on year of bike . it's more like a 72 and up. you have what i call the second design mtd where the tank is more rounded and the seat too. for example my 71 mtd has the square tank and seat. chain guard is also different. i'm sure other guys will chim in on this with...
  9. delray

    340 salsbury series

    ok,here is the big problem i have with juggernaut. the keyway was machine wrong from the factory. LOOK HOW CROOKED IT IS! WAIT, i'm not done yet. video too. and yes it has the full keyway in it. i do have the tools to broach a new keyway. so it can be fix by just cutting a new keyway on...
  10. delray

    340 salsbury series

    riverjohn, here is your fix. just send a email to go power sports with a picture of your damage part and they will send you a new piece that looks to be laser-cut and looks to be a hardened stainless steel. just with a few simple tools you can easily install the new part.
  11. delray

    196cc or 212 build

    nrracing does sell gaskets for the greyhound. when you go to there site you need to look up under stock oem parts and they will sell you the better ss narrow stem flowing valves 25/24
  12. delray

    No idea what i have

    speedway. not sure on the year. someone will chim in on that.
  13. delray

    GTC 340

    hard to say until you pull it apart. maybe without a real load on it the indicator will read fine,but under a load it whats to move around? goodluck on it ole. sounds like alot of fun work. you'll figure it out.
  14. delray

    GTC 340

    interesting when you take it apart and see what was jumping around on you.
  15. delray

    GTC 340

    ole4,anymore up dates on this or did you just ?
  16. delray


    hey phil, i have a extra pass i can send you. sorry i didn't get back sooner. been so busy with work on overtime and racing on weekends. my super bronc is not done yet and still waiting for karen to finish up my seat. pm me your address info and i can send it out on tuesday for someone to use...
  17. delray

    Slanted intakes....

    if you have the clearance ? i would try to keep the flow of direction one way. my opinion i think the air and fuel would stay more suspended then crashing against the walls and or bouncing off the port walls possibly making the fuel collect more together before entering the cylinder. just...
  18. delray

    BE225cc motor?

    here is the problem that you might get when buying that 225 motor. couple people i know local bought a 225cc tilly block then they purchase a arc rod and a after market piston. then went to glue it together and found they had to clear the arc rod between the cam lobes(grind the cam,not good)...
  19. delray

    Weakest Part Of A Predator 212

    i was kind of thinking the rod,but after today being at a swap meet i saw a 212 for parts and the end of the crank was snap off. that would of been a good picture to i'm sure it went though hell to get it to snap off. would of been funny to post with the thread title.
  20. delray

    Predator 212 on CT200U

    yes,gokart guys will tape up there housing when running there engine on cool nights and it has been showed on dyno results that you can gain almost 1/2 hp buy creating less drag from the cooling fins. arc racing is now selling a new short fin billet flywheel for the minibikes and gokart guys...