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Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

  1. relicracing

    Rupp Roller $150

    Unsure of model. Headlight/number plate ears removed, handlebars tacked, seat pan notched. Original(?) red paint under blue. As I found it. Hope someone can use it. -Thom
  2. relicracing

    Toyoco Beta-400, $500

    Please buy this mini, I just bought, before I fall in love with it and add it to the “someday, I’ll get to it” collection. It was in a shed fire, but I believe the fire damage is limited to the seat, taillight lens & l/h grip. The clutch is locked up but that might be corrosion. The chrome is...
  3. relicracing

    Fox Exhaust.

    Anyone have a reasonably priced, original exhaust for a spoke wheeled Fox? I believe the same pipe was used on all the Scamp/Tramp/Condor, etc models. This is for my rider, so rustina is just fine, it’ll match the rest of Lil’ Jack. The short dogleg muffler makes itself known, now that it’s...
  4. relicracing

    Fox Fork Boots

    Looking for 2 pair of boots, for the spoke wheeled models. 1 needs to be NOS/Excellent/Correct, and the other is for my rider, which now looks like a stack of O-rings, on either leg. Thanks.
  5. relicracing

    3.50/4.10-6 Tires, Larger OD than 12.5”

    Hello Folks- Any leads on where I can buy a pair of matching tires in the size of the title? Thought this was going to be fairly easy but after Googlewebbing all evening and this morning. I can‘t find any. This is a rider, so correct brand/tread design is not an issue. Need to raise the overall...
  6. relicracing

    Need you’re help again...

    Just bought this low slung beauty, today, locally. My new rider. Can’t ID it on my own. Not sold on the wheels & motor being original to the frame. Lots of replaced hardware, this one‘s been all apart at some point in its life. Any help is appreciated, as always.
  7. relicracing

    A few minis were at the Curtiss, this weekend.

    Wintercycle Therapy show at the Glen H. Curtiss museum, this weekend, brought out a couple Minibikes. The museum is in Hammondsport, NY.
  8. relicracing

    Alexander Reynolds Bushwacker Basket Case $150

    Needs a lotta’ love. Was stored outside, has sloppy fork/neck, missing a foot peg mount & one tank mount tab as seen in the pictures, as well as a fork spring, seat, both pegs, brake pedal etc.The incomplete motor does turn over, though. Some good parts on it. $150 in Southern NJ. Thanks for...
  9. relicracing

    What is it, besides for sale.

    Previous owner said it was a Rupp, but I can‘t find a match in the media section. Sorry, haven’t run across one of these, before. Part of a stash I bought this past weekend. Needs lots of help. One peg mount and a tank mount broken off. Steering neck/fork is sloppy. It was obviously left...
  10. relicracing

    B&S Powered Minibikes

    So, after passing on a few vintage Briggs & Stratton motors, I find myself wondering what makes/models were offered with them, back in the day? Anyone care to chime in and educate me? My old Trail King has one, although probably not the original.
  11. relicracing

    Tecumseh Owners Manual

    Picked up two identical ones by accident at a recent MC swapmeet (Thanks Albie). Offering this one up. It’s 8 1/2” X 5 1/2” folded up and 4X’s that, unfolded. Obvious damage & torn/taped in the warranty/muffler/carb area, which isn’t so obvious, in the photos. $5 + a self addressed, stamped...
  12. relicracing

    Rupp (Enduro II?) Parts

    Swing arm $20, Upper fork section $30, both for $40. All + shipping or meet up/pick up. Located in Southern NJ.- Thom
  13. relicracing

    4 Rupp Chain Guards

    Not sure of model/fitment. Bottom/Left one has a small crack on the mounting tab as seen in the last, close up, photo. Bottom/Right one differs from the others as it has a single hole instead of a small bracket secured with two rivets, like the others. Part of a Rupp parts stash I bought. $20...
  14. relicracing

    Powerdyne 60 Exhaust

    For 60cc Fuji motor. Fair shape with the exception of the rear mounting tab being broken off, leaving a hole in the pipe. The last photo is of my buddy’s bike that I used to ID this pipe. Purchased this pipe as an unknown, at a swap meet, hoping to fit it to my Bonanza/Hodaka, but it hit the...
  15. relicracing

    Bonanza Frame, Fork, etc. $80

    Bought it off Facebook for the pegs, throttle & kickstand I needed. Selling off the rest, everything pictured, hopefully. Was painted, including the fork, but will need to be again. It looks undamaged except for the one engine mount hole. I still need one good Go Power wheel so if you have one...
  16. relicracing

    Speedway Tank, Or Not?

    Picked this up at an MC swap meet. Seller didn’t know what a Speedway mini was. Tank is styled like a few I’ve seen on this site but not sure. Never have seen one, on a bike, in person that I can remember. Seems awful heavy for a Minibike tank. It’s steel. The tunnel looks like it would be...
  17. relicracing

    Kidney Bean Wheels

    Pair of wheels, one with incorrect hardware and missing a bearing. Doesn’t look like a sprocket was mounted(?). Some dings and scratches. $125/shipped, within the states. Thanks
  18. relicracing

    Bendix 5” Brake/Sprocket Assembly

    Need a complete, mechanically sound, assembly for my incomplete Bonanza BC1300S. The sprocket is 60 tooth/#35 chain spec and GoPower Wheel compatible. Need it all to convert a front wheel, into a rear. Reasonably priced, please. If you have only the sprocket/drum, that’ll work too. Thanks.
  19. relicracing

    Bonanza BC1300S/Go Power Wheel(s) Questions

    Are front/rear wheels the same? I have an incomplete Bonanza BC1300S. It came with the front (round hole) Go Power Wheel but no rear. I found another front. Can a sprocket/brake assembly like the 5” Bendix unit, listed on OldMiniBikes Warehouse be mounted to it and wallah!, a rear wheel is born? Also...