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  1. mlanzoni

    A big Thank You and shout out to OldMiniBikes Member

    I want to give a big Thank You and shout out to OldMiniBikes Member Oldcarcbx. He hooked me up with a real nice running Tecumseh H60. Thank you Oldcarcbx.
  2. mlanzoni

    Recommendation for an engine that will fit in a 1969 Rupp Roadster frame

    Hello all, I am asking for recommendations of a 5hp - 7hp non-Tecumseh engine, that you know will definitely fit into a 1969 Rupp Roadster frame, align with the jackshaft, and will work using the Rupp remote gas tank. All the good period correct Tecumseh engines I see are way to expensive for...
  3. mlanzoni

    Predator engine in a 69 Rupp frame ??

    Hello all, has anyone ever put a 212 Predator engine in a 69 Rupp Frame ? How well does it fit, and what would I need to do for the throttle linkage ? I would like to run it using the Rupp original remote gas tank. Thank you in advance.:hammer:
  4. mlanzoni

    Something doesn't quite look right with the Rupp gas tank..........

    rupp mini bike | eBay
  5. mlanzoni

    Rebuild Tec H60 ??

    I'm about ready to rebuild a Tec engine, 6 Hp Engine H60 75414M SER 3269D. I installed a new carb kit, but engine still is hard to start, and bogs down under load. I've rebuilt top ends in 2 stroke engines (125cc and 400cc) but never rebuilt a small engine. Where/how is the best place to...
  6. mlanzoni

    Looking for a 1969 Rupp Kick stand

    Looking for a 1969 Rupp Kick stand to finish project. Thanks.
  7. mlanzoni

    New look to site is great.

    I like the new look to this site !!
  8. mlanzoni

    Tires - RUPP 14x6 Trials Tire

    Looking for a new RUPP Trials Tire 14x6, and tube. Can't find them in OldMiniBikes Warehouse, and Out of Stock at Blackwidow Motor Sports and Rupp Parts.
  9. mlanzoni

    What is causing this noise ????

    Hi all, need some help. When pulling the starting cord, getting a scraping metal noise coming from the the recoil assembly. Do the lips on the starter cup become worn and cause the little protruding tab on the recoil to not grab fully and cause this noise ? Thank you in advance.
  10. mlanzoni

    Engine stand ???

    Hello all. I'm looking for pics or designs of small engine stands(?) / mounting platforms, that a small engine can bolt to and be started up and adjusted before installing in a bike. Does anyone have pics or drawings of one ? Thank you. :hammer:
  11. mlanzoni

    Messages being displayed one on top of the other

    OK, what setting on my private messages do I need to change to what in order to read PMs normally ? They are being displayed on top of each other, the latest one getting thinner and thinner. Thank All. :confused::confused::confused::confused:
  12. mlanzoni

    Older Tecumseh Engine

    Looking for an older Tecumseh engine, 5- 8 HP that will fit in a 1969 Rupp frame. Needs to be a good running engine. Thank you.
  13. mlanzoni

    1969 Rupp Kick Stand

    Looking for a complete 1969 Rupp Kick Stand. Thanks.
  14. mlanzoni

    Briggs parts and install info please ???

    Hello all, I started looking at an old Briggs engine I have, which has no spark. I tried to find a diagram and parts list, and any information. I came up blank. The number stamped on the engine is 170402 0515-01 7001221. Does anyone know anything about this engine or where can I get some...
  15. mlanzoni

    What make is this bike ??

    I'm looking for my next project, Rat Bike. Anyone know what make/year this bike may be ?
  16. mlanzoni

    Rupp 1970 Front and Rear Brake Backing Plate, Hub, Axle and Spacers

    1970 Roadster, Enduro, Scrambler. Front brake assembly. Backing plate, hub, axle and spacers. Free Shipping to lower 48 states. $65.00 Roadster, Enduro, Scrambler. Rear Brake assembly, sprocket, axle and spacers. Free shipping to lower 48 states. $75.00
  17. mlanzoni

    Tecumseh Exhaust

    Tecumseh exhaust. Very little use. Came off H60-75354J. Very good condition. Free Shipping to lower 48 states. $15.00
  18. mlanzoni

    OK, Where is it ???

    OK, my supporting membership has expired. In the past it was easy to find where I could re-up. Not any more. Its probably right in front of my face, that's why I can't find it. Where do I sign up to renew my supporting membership ? (All jokes and wise A#$ remarks are welcome). Thanks.
  19. mlanzoni

    Rupp Handlebars 69 or 70

    WTB 1969 or 1970 Rupp Handlebars with the welded c fasteners. Thanks.
  20. mlanzoni

    1968 Rupp Swing Arm

    Looking to trade this 1968 Rupp Swing Arm for a 1969 Rupp Swing Arm. If interested, please PM me. Thanks.