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    Fresh and Clean

    I have an old MTD Trail Flite, with a Tecumseh H-35. Hasn’t been run since 1981. Has been stored in my basement, out of the weather. Engine turns freely still. It was running great when I parked it, A litttle cleaning, oiling, and maybe a tune up will do. I have a question though. I plan on...
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    Bike ID

    I have an old mini bike that’s been in my house for about thirty some years. Bought it at a flea market long ago. It’s been disassembled for a long time, and I’m trying to put it all back together and bring it to life. Working on a low budget, just wanna ride it. No custom paint jobs, no high...
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    Lost the book

    Hello. I have a Craftsman/Tecumseh H35 from the early seventies. One of you experts sent me a link to download the Tecumseh Service Manual for these type engines, I think it said 3-11 hp. My laptop died, and now I don’t have the link anymore. Can someone please send it to me again ? Greatly...
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    Wiped Clean

    I have an H35 I’m refurbishing. Had a real time getting the flywheel off after all these years. I have a new set of OEM points and condenser. Years ago, when you got a set of automotive points, they usually had the little felt wiper attached. They also came with a little capsule of grease for...
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    New man.

    Hello,I just joined your page/site. Love old mini-bikes, have had several over the years, and used to repair and rebuild all my friends’ wheels way back when. Looking forward to reading and sharing with the best of you.
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    Old Mini I.D

    I have an old mini bike been collecting dust for about thirty years. Trying to revive it, and looking for parts and manuals. Bike has no markings, but engine is Craftsman # 143-684012, Ser 9137A. Anyone know the year, horsepower, or anything else. Pretty sure it’s a Sears mini bike.
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    Blowing off the dust.

    Hi, I’m new to this site. Never knew there was such a following. So, I,have an old mini that I got at a flea market for my son about 35 years ago. Had no markings, but I was told it was a Sears Craftsman. Ran it as is for a few years, then the frame cracked. Took it apart to get it welded, and...