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  1. Cuda54

    69 engines on Bronco mini bikes.

  2. Cuda54

    Starter generator

    Has anyone thought of using a starter to power lights? I have seen tread mill motors used as generators plus they are still motors too. I was talking with a buddy about finding a charging unit and a starter for my 212. He gave me three tread mill motors and reminded me I have a small starter...
  3. Cuda54

    TRI ROD rubber on the axle

    I am not sure of the measurements but these look real close to them. It is used on a Russian car drive shaft. It looks like what my TRI ROD has on its axle.
  4. Cuda54

    just got a $200 RUPP

    Just picked this up today for $200 but it will need a seat. I just had to get it now I have 3 mini bikes and my TRI-ROD.
  5. Cuda54


    Has anyone ever changed the neck to a motor cycle neck so it could be licensed for the road? I would like to get mine on the road. I can put a bigger engine on and gear it faster. No highway but run the roads that are 55 mph I am retired and want to ride if I can.
  6. Cuda54

    Engine replacement?

    I would like to put a 340 2cycle into my TRI-ROD anyone ever use a 340 Yamaha snowmobile engine in anything? I know TRI-SPORTS used snowmobile engines like this. So I thought about putting this into my TRI-ROD I would change the primary and secondary too. I think it would make it more fun to...
  7. Cuda54

    HM100 hard starting.

    My HM100 is hard starting when it is the first time. The first cold start take a while even choked once it is warm just a short pull and it fires right up. When it is running it idles fine and has good throttle response. But really hard to get it started the first time after it sets a while. It...
  8. Cuda54

    1960 MTD Rambler Mini bike

  9. Cuda54

    212 hemi?

    How much horse power can you get out of the HEMI 212? Using premium gas with no bottles or Turbos. Just new rod cam flywheel and carb. Or anything else to get more power out of the HEMI 212. What is the highest HP anyone has gotten?
  10. Cuda54

    Ride photos

    How long does it take to get ride photos approved? I added a few a while ago and they still do not show up.
  11. Cuda54

    Anyone from here?

    Watch: Go kart driver leads police on highway chase -
  12. Cuda54

    Super 73

    I like the tires they use I know a 212 would really move this. What do you guys think?
  13. Cuda54

    TRI-ROD independent rear suspenion?

    Well I am looking to find out who made the TRI ROD when they put the independent rear suspension? It has 4 shocks 2 on each side and a big rubber flex for each axle. And it has band brakes on each axle too. I am going to change it to disc brakes and universal joints on the axles. And maybe put a...
  14. Cuda54

    Highest HP out of a 212 Predator?

    So what is the most HP anyone has gotten out of a Predator 212? Let hear some numbers of what you have done. And what fuel was it run on and what you put it on to use it? I know we have so builders on here lets hear what you have done. We can get to what parts were used later on. Thanks!
  15. Cuda54

    Pictures of Bird go karts

    Anyone have pictures of old 1961or 1962 Bird go karts? The Eagle and Hawk models I think I had one for the boy's when they were little. I would like to see pictures of them to see which one it was. And maybe reproduce one for the grand kids. It had like a M aluminum steering wheel and was setup...
  16. Cuda54

    Best Hemi cam and springs.

    I have a new 212 Hemi never run yet. It will sit till I get all of the parts found to get what I want to put into it. It will go onto a go cart a copy of one the boys had when they were small. Now married with kids of their own. The parts list will be new billet flywheel billet rod not sure...
  17. Cuda54

    Hemi HP and RPM?

    Will the Hemi put out more HP than the non Hemi? And what is the max torque out of a Hemi? How high will the Hemi RPM go over the non Hemi or are they the same?
  18. Cuda54

    Cart gas tank fab?

    Well has anyone ever thought to get a stainless steel bowl and weld it to a plate for a behind the seat tank? You would have to add a filler hole and cap and a gas line outlet. Some thing like this is cheap and would hold a lot of gas. Amco Houseworks 9 Quart Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl...
  19. Cuda54

    TRI ROD for sale

    I have one just like this any info on what engines were on them would help. VINTAGE 60's TRI-ROD THREE WHEEL ATV MINIBIKE TRIKE
  20. Cuda54

    110" long throttle cable wanted

    Well my grand daughter broke the Tri Rod throttle cable and it is 110" long throttle cable. The barrel end had a kink when I got it I knew it would not last . But we did not have a better one so we just went with it. Anyone know where to find one or a little longer? It has to be 110" long or a...