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    Nitrous/propane injection anyone?

    Always liked the idea of nitrous. But I didn't want to mess with fuel pumps and the fuel side. Propane is cheap, 110 octane, and burns very evenly and slowly. So why not? Read up on it a little and vipers are big into this. Got all my jetting info from BTR's forums. Seemed to be spot on. Also...
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    Spring loaded wheelie bar ideas for drag bike?

    I have a cheapie ridged wheelie bar on the bike now, and it works ok. But if I raise it any… even ½ inch off the ground when it hits the bike gets unstable. So I have it barely touching the ground. Which is hurting weight transfer and traction. Anyone have any cheap DIY solutions to a spring...
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    Will a 20 series 3/4 comet driver and driven pulled drop onto a TAV2?

    Was looking to get a symmetrical belt on mine. thanks
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    Torque converter help. Magnum 44c driver with 30 series kit?

    Trying to find a belt for my setup. Installed the magnum 44 series driver on my tav 30 series converter setup. The p203785 is what cane on the magnum kits and is way to long. Looks like 785mm maybe? The belt on the 30 series was a 669mm maybe? Hard to tell. Any ideas?
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    With good gravity feed, is a pulse pump required?

    Just curious if a pulse pump is recommended? And specific power level that requires one? Or if this is more for setups with tanks lower than the feed. I've heard of these "over running" the carb. If I don't need it... figure its one more thing I could remove.
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    Any actual dyno test comparisons between headers?

    Curious if all the talk of stepped, "J" shapes, lengths really make much difference over a standard short or long straight pipe.
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    Sudden nasty oil leak. Ideas?

    Put about 2 hours worth of short blasts over a month or so on my bike with no leaks. All of a sudden I’m flingint oil all over behind the pull cord area. Assumed it was the main seal so I popped the flywheel off and that seal looked great. Crank seals look good on both sides. Is the governor...
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    Do 40 and 30 series converters use the same belt PN?

    Just curious. Id like to run a 40 series driver on a 30 series driven. Thanks
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    Anyone know what brand clutch this is? Id like to put a new set if friction puck deals in it. Not sure where to look. Dont see any writing on nit.
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    Decent "slipper" style clutches that won't break the bank?

    Are we pretty much stuck paying $300'ish if we want a decent "race" clutch that will allow a high stall and "slip". Racing minibikes to 300ft in a group. Currently use a torque converter which has more than enough grunt off the line. I pull way out front and then get passed 3/4 track or so by...
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    Running no HG

    Are the factory predator mating surfaces decent enough to run no HG? I've done this in polished heads before with no issue on flat heads to get a bump in compression, but never a predator. Is this advisable or not? I have the stamped VC predator and .010 steel HG currently. I have purchased a...
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    Raising stall points tav 30 converter

    Tryinng to raise the engaugementbrpm of my converter. It screams off the line then hangs a good 3-4 seconds... then accelerates hard again. Do they make weaker springs for driven pulley? Can i drill the weights on the drive pulley?
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    E85 jet sizes emulsion tube (19mm HuaYi Carburetor on a 212)

    So .037" to .039" seems to be the "go to" jetting for a starting point on a typical 212 engine with the basic exhaust and intake mods. I'd like to run E85 on my setup. Does anyone have the basic guide for jetting? Idle jet and emulsion tubes as well? I have read 30% is the norm. So .049 or...
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    Easiest way to keep a minibike stable at speed?

    Running about 46 now and it gets hairy. stretching it and adjusting the rake and/or trail is the fancy way... Any other "tips". I don't have the time or tooling to stretch the bike correctly. ANy short cuts? Also adjusting the rake seems risky if done improperly with the wrong tooling/jigs etc...