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  1. ole4

    GTC 340

    Just got one of the GTC 340 copies of a comet/salsbury 340. I took it apart to see how it compares with the originals and it is a very close copy. Looks like they came over on a slow boat as it was a bit corroded and had moly spray all over it on the sheaths, so I cleaned up everything and...
  2. ole4

    Ported 14cc big valve heads.

    Selling 4 ported big valve heads. 3 are 32/25 and one is a 28.5/25 head. All are ported flow and velocity tested with stainless valves with intakes back cut 30 degrees with multi angled intake seats. Heads can be bought with just the valves or setup with springs and retainers to your specs...
  3. ole4

    28.5/25 ported honda copy head.

    This head is a 28.5/25 head that has been ported using the flow bench during the process. it currently has 28lb springs on the intake and the exhaust with 23 lbs seat pressure. I can supply any spring combination you want however. Valves were unshrouded and head milled to 17CC's. This one is...
  4. ole4

    32/25 ported 18cc honda copy head

    I have a couple of these honda copy heads I got when cloneengineonline was selling them a few years ago. They have the nice chamber that has the squarish squish bands and angled chamber shape. This head is a 32/25 head that has been ported using the flow bench during the process. it currently...
  5. ole4

    Wanted throttle cable rack for a Powell throttle.

    Looking for the removable cable rack for a Powell throttle.
  6. ole4

    Stainless lighting coil retainers needed

    I ruined the retaining clips holding on the two lighting coils. Does anyone have one or two or know where I can get them?
  7. ole4

    Bonanza Hodaka stuff

    Was at my biddies shop for a guitar clinic and in the workshop amongst a ton of other stuff were some bonanza's he must be restoring for someone and a bunch of hodaka engines getting rebuilt modified. One is supposed to be built for a speed run on the salt flats. Anyway my pics are not very good...
  8. ole4

    KTM 125SX engine For the crazy people.

    2006 KTM 125SX for sale $1200. This low time engine was bought in 2008 for my shifter kart. I replaced the original piston with a new vertex piston, as well as head and base gaskets/O-rings. Modified reed cage to have a pulse port for a fuel pump and made a mounting plate on the engine for coil...
  9. ole4

    Round alloy gas tank.

    This is a 4" diameter 8 1/4" long round gas tank. Had it on my Atlas but got a fiberglass one for it so this one is up for sale. $40 shipped. Has petcock
  10. ole4

    speedway folding footpegs wanted.

    Need either one or preferably two of these footpegs.
  11. ole4

    lighting coil removal

    Does anyone have a good method of removing the square metal clips holding the lighting coils on the Tecumseh magneto? I tried to lightly pry them but I don't want to screw up the coils. Want to clean the laminations of rust and to dip the assembly I need to remove the coils.
  12. ole4

    Got a powell!

    Found this for sale locally and while I used to think these were funny looking, when I saw the ones David Wulf had done I was hooked. Had been looking on local craigslist but you never see any mini's except current stuff but this one popped up on a Texas minibike Facebook page. Anyway can anyone...
  13. ole4

    Rod bolt information.

    Met with a ARP tech at the lucas drag races this weekend and was asking him about bolts vs studs. When he switched the conversation over to rod bolts I learned a few things that were the opposite of what I believed, He gave me a tech book that had all this information in it and I have copied the...
  14. ole4

    Wanted Speedway folding foor pegs, Powell seat frame

    Looking for footpegs for a speedway, and a seat for a powell. The powell had not seat or metal bracket so I need the whole thing. This is for the rectangular padded seat. Thanks, Orlando
  15. ole4


    Does anyone know what happened to Bill Kraft? I used to make some parts for him and would pick his brain on speedway projects. A year or so ago he stopped answering emails. I am now working on a speedway project and went to look at his speedway site and it is no longer there. I checked on here...
  16. ole4

    Another speedway

    I saw this frame on ebay and couldn't resist. I have decided to make it a decicated test bed/ drag bike with no lights or street amenities. It was pretty crusty and coated with paint over the rust, I did a first pass with my pressure washer sandblast attachment and now I am starting to mock it...
  17. ole4

    8hp Briggs motor

    I have a 8 hp Briggs that I took off my pressure washer. Was running fine but started spraying gas. It has a diaphragm fuel pump that went bad. While taking pump off I broke the plastic fuel nipple on the carb. Otherwise it is a running engine with quite a few hours on it. It has a keyed 3/4...
  18. ole4

    Building a non hemi predator Test Motor

    I am starting a thread on a non hemi predator motor. This engine came off a Kart my nephews kids race on a kart in my backyard. It was a stock Non Predator engine and I never had an interest in it as I find the hemi to be a much better platform for my engine builds. The reason for this is that I...
  19. ole4

    DIY led lighting.

    I was asked in a headlight thread to do a DIY on LED lighting so I will pass on what I have done to add led lighting to my minibikes. I will cover the following, Advantages, Converting a period correct sealed beam to LED bulb, Led lighting for headlamps with replaceable bulbs, different types...
  20. ole4

    New cheap carb Nibbi 26mm PWK copy

    I just can't resist these cheap flatslide copies. First I got the OKO copy then I saw this one a Nibbi which is similar but the other ones as well as the mikuni TM come in either 24 or 28mm. This one was a 26mm. Just got it late today so I have not taken it apart yet but it is very similar to...