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    1970-75 Rupp Jackshaft Parts Wanted

    I'm looking for a few specific parts to complete a jackshaft I currently have in my posession, namely a Fixed TC Ramp (PN 15136) a Driven TC Spring (PN 15127) and fixed Driven Flange (PN 15108).
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    1970 Rupp 10" Spoke Wheel

    Looking for one '70 Rupp 10" Wheel. I found one recently on Ebay but I need one more to complete my project.
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    HS40 Ball-bearing Crankshaft

    Whatever one that will work. I don't have a particular one in mind unless I can get an original that matches the one in my pictures.
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    HS40 Ball-bearing Crankshaft

    I have a fully restored ball-bearing crankcase cover for my HS40. I just need a crankshaft for it.
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    HS40 Ball-bearing Crankshaft

    I'm looking for a crankshaft that has a retaining ring groove for an '70s vintage Tecumseh HS40 like the one pictured here. . The shaft is about 4" long past the camshaft gear and 3/4 " in diameter. If you have a crankshaft that matches those dimensions but without the retaining ring groove I...
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    rupp parts

    Would you be willing to sell me just the diaphragm carburetor?
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    Tecumseh HS40 Flywheel

    I have one. PM me for a price and shipping.
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    Lighted Tecumseh HS40 flywheel 610769a

    Just sent you an offer.
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    Rupp TC-1 Torque Converter Drive Assembly

    Thanks for that information. If I can't get an original TC-1 drive clutch I'll consider it.
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    Rupp TC-1 Torque Converter Drive Assembly

    If you're referring to the listing that ended yesterday, that one was missing the bearing.
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    Rupp TC-1 Torque Converter Drive Assembly

    I'm looking for a complete torque converter drive assembly for a 70 - 74 Rupp Mini Bike. Sometimes they come up on Ebay but they are missing the bearing. I have the driven clutch assembly, so really no need for that. In the past I've had really good luck find parts on this site. Thanks in...
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    1970 Rupp Roadster Headlight Housing

    Admin, please remove. I found the headlight housing I was looking for.
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    Looking for a diaphragm carburetor for a Tec HS40

    Admin, please remove. I found the carburetor I was looking for.
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    1970 Rupp Rear Shocks

    Admin,please remove. I found the shocks I needed.
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    Rupp 10" Trials Tire

    Still looking for one descent Rupp Trials Tire if anyone has one.
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    Rupp 10" Wheel (24 Spoke)

    Admin, please remove. I found the wheel I was looking for.
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    1970 Rupp Mini Bike Racing Disc (Shield)

    Admin. please remove. I found the part I was looking for.
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    1970 Rupp Roadster, Enduro or Scrambler Brake Backing Plates and Front Brake Drum

    Admin, please remove. I found the brakes I was looking for.
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    1970 Rupp Exhaust Pipe

    I sent you a PM with my email address. Thx.
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    1970 Rupp Exhaust Pipe

    Anyone have a '70 Rupp Exhaust Pipe they don't want or need? Here's some pictures if you have an exhaust pipe but don't know what it's off of. .