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    Anyone ever add additional footpegs to frame ?

    Was wondering if there were mounts that could be welded yet offer bolt holes so that foot pegs could be bolted to the frame and replaced when broken etc.
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    Want to add more foot pegs to MiniBaja allow riding more like a dirt bike- While Standing

    I have been riding some very rough trail lately requireing 1 or 2 mph speeds sometimes and it is hard to ride while sitting down at speeds slower than about 6 or 8 mph. Somehow when standing you can steer and balance like on a bicycle mountain bike or a real dirt bike motorcycle. I need the...
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    Best heat insulation and source for Predator 212 ?

    I am using the stock OEM muffler that came with the motor and when riding my Mini Baja my left inside thigh is very warm almost to the point of pain unless I shift to an unnatural position on the bike. It looks like I have about a quarter inch space between the muffler shield and the muffler...
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    New Predator 212 Dies 10 seconds after being inverted and possibly seizes

    I was riding a thick trail sideways on a hill about two mph and put my foot down for support on the downhill side and it wound up being a foot deep hole. I fell off the bike and tumbled down the hill while the bike remained inverted in the hole and ran about 10- 15 seconds before quitting...
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    Largest possible tire for the Large Mini Baja bikes

    I recently purchased the 21x7-8 tire and found it to barely squeeze into the frame width wise on the rear... Actually there is a ton of space left over for the frame but the rear sprocket is the limiting factor. This tire inflates to 7.75 inches wide and leaves only an 3/16 of an inch...
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    Golf Cart mufflers on Minibikes ?

    Has anyone ever looked at golf cart mufflers to see how they get them to be so quiet ? I would like to use one if it could be made to fit and if not I would like to make one out of sheet metal and pipe etc....... Otherwise has anyone ever seen some kind of custom make muffler that would make...
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    New MB-165 Project with wheelie bars

    I grabbed this bike project off of craigslist a few years ago and stuffed it in an old shed. Here it is with a new motor, chain, tires and 72 tooth sprocket. Along the way I happened to notice the open holes in the rear lower frame and I had some steel bars to fit right in. These can serve...
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    Rare support for old timey centrifugal clutch w/ jackshaft systems-KEYS WORN

    I was mounting my new larger rear sprocket and disassembled for the first time ever my jackshaft assembly because I wanted to see what needed replacing to eliminate the sugstantial wobble of the large jackshaft sprocket. IT turns out that the factory design is deficient in my mind because of...
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    Real World Torque Converter Reliability - youtube

    These guys went to Oregon for the 100 mile race with a new TrailMaster Minibike with Torque Converter and they had to replace the TQ belt twice to finish the race. So it appears that you can expect 35 or 40 miles when riding hard. Obviously these TQs were not Comet or GTC brand but I wonder if...
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    Bent valve stems for tubeless mini bikes- Cheap and ripoffs only $1.95 eash. elsewhere I am seeing comparable valve stems selling for $ 16 to $20 dollars which really pisses me off. They say you get what you pay for but I think 2 dollars should adequately cover the build...
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    Max size tire to shoehorn into the large Mini Baja bikes 21x9-7 Cheng Shin

    I have looked very closely and I have currently about 1.25 inches clearance on both sides of my existing 19-7-8 rear tire and I found this tire at these vendors Cheng Shin 21x9-8...
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    Sprocket Fit and Dimensions Confusion

    I have a Mini Baja which I understand like the Coleman products use different size bolt holes in their sprockets and they may also have different size bore holes as well. It might even be that they are metric vs the USA SAE measurements but I am not sure. The major internet vendors dont do...
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    Largest rear sprocket available for MiniBaja MB-165 ?

    I am 99 percent sure my cycle uses 420 size rear chain and I see this sprocket from OldMiniBikes and I wonder if it is the largest. The same company also sells a 72 tooth sprocket "blank" but I think blank means no holes. That wont...
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    Choosing best racing flywheel for Predator 212 ?

    Here is a link to racing flywheels but I cannot understand all the subtle differences and which would be best for garden variety 212 installed on Mini Baja minibike.
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    212 Predators $99 each for month of August with coupon

    This seems to make the predator engines kind of disposable... cheaper to replace than fix etc. When you go into the store all you need is the coupon code number on the coupon so the cashier can ring up the sale with the discount on it. I will have to look for my coupon and include the...
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    212 Predator with race rods and flywheel vs 301 / 420 Predator stock

    It occured to me that when adding the cost of racing rods and flywheels to ungoverned 212 predators that we are matching or exceeding the costs of the larger engines run as stock. The larger engines are probably going to still produce more HP and the cost in labor for custom fabrication of...
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    Failure of Centrifugal Clutches.... and or Jackshaft Bushings --- Mini Baja

    As I see it the worst thing that can happed to CCs is that they heat up so much they take the springiness out of the clutch disk spring. Compared to replacing the whole clutch of switching to a Torque Converter, Simply a replacement spring should not cost more than a few bucks if the sellers...
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    small wheel tire changers at Harbor Freight

    small wheel tire changers at Harbor Freight Here are two devices that say they are suitable for 8 inch wheels and I wonder if anyone has experience with either one of them and which might be best for minibike type tires and lawnmowers etc. one seems to say 8 inch wheels is the smallest...
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    212cc Predators $99 ea at Harbor Freight thru August WITH coupon

    That makes these motors essentially disposable/throwaway likely to be cheaper to replace than fix........ How is that possible. subtract their margin and shipping costs from China.... That means somebody makes the motor for maybe 60 or 70 bucks each !
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    Comet or clone Torq Converters on Mini Baja cycles

    I picked up a wrecked project on craigslist and have put a new Harbor Freight engine on it and converted the throttle and disabled the governor. It still has the original centrifugal clutch and jackshaft and it runs probably ok for what it is. I assume with a TQ the low gear will be lower...