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Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

  1. HeathC

    Manco build

    Picked this up from a buddy, and am turning it into a little short track parking lot racer/fun bike. It's all stripped down now and painted black. More to come!
  2. HeathC

    Mini Bike I.D. needed.

    Hey all! A buddy of mine has these minis and we're trying to I.D. them. The blue one is similar to the Puma/Gemini that i saw a few posts down and has a Torque A Verter. It looks bigger over all than the Puma, to me, though. The fork is a little different, also. Not sure what the red one is OR...
  3. HeathC

    New guy here with I.D. needed on a couple of frames.

    Hello everyone! I've got a couple of mini bikes that i unearthed and would like to see if anyone knows what they are. I've done a fair amount of searching on here, but haven't come up with anything on the blue frame. I think the green one may be a Bird, or maybe a Sears? Sorry for the crummy...