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    Motor upgrade to 1" Shaft - Torque Converter Question

    I'm upgrading a 8hp Robin motor to a HF VTwin 670cc motor, the shaft is now 1" instead of the Robins 3/4. It has a TAV30 torque converter on it now. Can I but just the Driver/Driven Clutch side of the TAV40 that is 1" and keep the reset of the torque converter the same?
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    Manco Intruder RT 211cc Upgrade

    Howdy, I have zero experience with goKarts, and want to help my neighbor resurrect his old Intruder. He wants more power. it has a 7 hp Robin motor, anyway I can squeeze out more HP with a jetted carb, new air intake, and new exhaust? I don't see ANY performance kits for these. I am only...
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    Restore old sprocket

    Anyone know a good method to clean this sprocket up? (steel) WD40/Brake Cleaner/Degreasers only go so far. wire disc on a drill, or a solution to let it soak in for a few days?
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    Funny thing I found after stripping a Baja Frame today

    Forum Mod: Please delete, I just realized this is a very dumb post :) I am on my LAST Baja build (so I told my wife), and I found this after stripping the frame today: Anyone ever see this? This is where the kick stand attaches. See the "HI" punched into it? Is it a message from the...
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    New Baja re-Build

    When I rebuild a baja minibike, I like to strip it down to bare metal, and powder coat EVERYTHING I can. Replacing all bearings and seals. Its a long process, and a little expensive - but the end product turns out great. (I will update this thread as progress goes until finished) Here is my...
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    Not a nice surprise - Baja 196cc MB165 motor spark plug socket stripped

    I picked up a cheap $200 baja mb165, he said the engine just needed a tune up. The bike was in bad shape, but I was going to strip it down in parts and hide them in a cabinet from my wife. I Decided to donate a rebuilt MB165 mini bike to a family we know that the two boys father was a...
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    Replaced Baja MB165 engine with a lifan 6.5 electric start.... Need Performance parts

    And I found out its a really tight fit. I had to take the muffler protector off, and air filter cover off. The gas tank cap/knob is centered, so you can't use it with the tank on. I will take the one off the original baja motor and use that if it fits the lifan. The metal tanks hang a lot...
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    My Addiction - hope my wife does not leave me!

    My garage is no longer a place I keep my new 2016 Blacked Out GMC Silverado 1500! I have been spending the last week with strippers, and not the good kind! Getting parts ready for powder coating, I will be putting a lifan electric start 6.5 from HomeDepot - on sale $180 (frame, and...
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    Baja MB200 shock absorber Dust Covers

    Hi! I am on my 4th and 5th Rebuild I was lucky in my first 2 rebuilds I did not need to replace (just the inside seals) . I am in dire need of the the hard rubber dust covers that slips on the lower shock absorbers. Anyone know where I can get these? I have ordered 3 sets online...
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    New Member Here

    Howdy! I started rebuilding old beat up Baja mini bikes over the last could years. Its addictive! I have converted two of them to use electric. It gets expensive with electric (batterys, motor, controller). Here are some pics of my builds.