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    Crazy Briggs filler neck-needed

    The tank on my 5 HP Briggs is in decent shape except the neck is rusted out in the thread areas. Would anyone happen to have an old rotted fuel tank that has a good filler neck on it? I am considering brazing a replacement filler neck onto this otherwise decent tank. it would be cheaper than...
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    Briggs 5HP carb pickup tube

    Hello all I did not search the forum but was hoping for a quick answer. Someone left old gas in a 5 HP metal Briggs fuel tank. They also used silicone For gaskets. Yeah! anyway, the pickup tube (brass) is eaten away and they slipped a plastic intake filter over the tube. Is there a replacement...
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    Prices for late 60s 5 HP briggs engines

    Out of curiosity, what would reasonable prices be for used 5 HP Briggs engines in various condition. Assume the following as "guidelines" 1 Rusted out_ non running 2 OK shape_may need carb or other work 3 OK shape_Running condition 4 Nice condition_ running 5 Garage kept_ running