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    New tires and a paint job.

    This is my 2006 Tomberlin Firehawk that I customized for the 2013 build off. I just got some new 21x7-8 tires and a 72 tooth sprocket. There are a couple things I am cleaning up, plus adding a new air cleaner. It has seen lots of desert miles. 2 weeks ago it was scooting around the sand dunes...
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    Tomberline Firehawk- 2013 build off entry

    Hey guys. A few years ago I customized a Chinese mini for the build off. I got the bike done,but I dropped off the site before the build off was over. She’s still running strong, with more than couple hundred miles of dirt behind her. I take the bike out to off road races as my pit bike. The...
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    N8ball - Just for Fun - Backwoods Bagger

    Here is one that I started last year for the build off but I got distracted by a move to a new shop. I figured now is a good time to finish it up. The plan- 1. stretched Firehawk frame- done last year 2. leaf sprung tractor seat- done last year 3. mount engine- redone today 4. build...
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    4x4 amphibious tara jet project

    After seeing how that lockley turned out I wish I could pick this guy up. $400 seems like a deal. The body is pretty cool. Anybody have one of these running? Mobile
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    Super clean hs50 on a nearly unused Rotohoe.

    I thought some of you guys on here might appreciate seeing this old looking tec on a tiller my friend pick up a a yard sale. It is in original shape aside from the tank. I don't know the year but the stickers look "vintage". Any Idea on the year? I haven't looked up the sn but I guess that would...
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    Bonanza in classifieds $200

    Hey guys I just went and checked this out. The seat is off a Honda something. The engine is a 160cc Honda off a pressure washer. Custom header, handle bars welded on and maybe a repair on the foot peg. It ran ok, but isn't quite what I was looking for. 5 digit serial #. I'm not sure of the...
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    Mitsubishi gt 600 6hp-Engine Upgrade options?

    I went for a ride a few days ago. The road we were on is a dirt road with a 30 mph limit. It's all graded with little traffic. There were a couple small hills and the TAV took me up them with zero trouble. My motor is sputtering a little at peak rpm's, so I'll be checking that out this week...
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    Cheap date. And engine opinion request.

    I took my wife out last Friday. Me on my firehawk w/ tav and her on a friend's stock mini baja. Awhile ago She had been afraid to get on it in the woods on tight semi rocky trails. We spent an hour riding wide dirt roads before we were miles from the truck and a thunderstorm hit. She didn't miss...
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    SLC Guy found the Intro area.

    Ok so I did look for the intro forum but I didn't see it under the off topic discussion until now. :shrug: I'm Nate. I enjoy designing and building stuff. I do a lot of steel fabrication. :hack: I bought a used Tomberlin Firehawk which looks pretty similar to the Baja mini/Warrior bikes...
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    SLC guy here

    So I took a ride on a friend's mini baja. We had fun times around the camp site. It made me want one so I found this site and did some searching. There are Some pretty cool builds here. You guys sure know your stuff. I found this firehawk locally. It had a noise coming from under the chain...