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    Full Of questions I know plan needed

    So I'm taking my time to build up a mini bike because if I don't I would rush it and get something I don't want Keep in mind I'm 286 Pounds 6'1 my first thought was get a huge engine and throw it in a frame until I researched and found out its more to it So I want to know the best...
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    two engines which is putting out more

    affordablegokarts: Stage 3 Engine or affordablegokarts: Big Block Engine Stage I
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    i want to go fast 286 pound rider

    what are my options i have no bike to start with so im trying to hear all options before i start located in norcal
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    What's up from NorCal bay area & Stockton area

    I just rode a mini bike for the first time in 25 years now I want my own but dot know where to start I'm 286 lbs I rode one with 5.5hp moved but I want more power if anyone can help me get started on getting my own bike that would be cool I'm looking for info like best frame tO choose for my...