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    Duster M/X Questions

    @Restoman57,I also have an original Duster MX. Which color is yours ?
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    1971 MTD columbia 361-520 seat

    I may have a correct original seat that you could use for a pattern. Let me know either way and if so I can check this weekend.
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    Cat minibike clutch cover

    What are the 10 models that you have ?
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    Cat minibike clutch cover

    The smaller one like that is usually a bit easier to find than the longer one.
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    Now available New Reproduction Bird Sears JC Penney Scrub brake pad Free shipping

    Are those the same as the ones that OldMiniBikes had been selling ?
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    Saxonette recoil for my Fox Sundowner

    Sure no problem.
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    So what did I just buy?

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    Arctic Cat Prowler Brake Parts?

    Maybe ball burnish then clear/paint ?
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    Saxonette recoil for my Fox Sundowner

    Check with Rupp 72 on here he has them new.
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    Saxonette recoil for my Fox Sundowner

    Check with Rupp 72 on here he has them new.
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    MTD Columbia

    Nice bike. The air cleaner and element for those are pretty much the same on several other tecumseh engines also but be sure to get the correct looking style on the back side which should be able to be found fairly easy on here or ebay. I'd say manchester (Karen) on here for the seat. I'd take a...
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    20 degree intake adapters

    Is it still $40 for 2 shipped or ? If so I'd like 2 and can PayPal you as f&f. Also any plans in the near future to make them for HS50 slanted application ? If so I could send you an original intake to use for the mock up if needed. Please let me know either way. Thanks!
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    KH 200M brake caliper

    What specific model Cat do you need it for/will work for you ?
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    WTB Tecumseh/Rupp HS40

    Complete,running,rebuilt,rebuildable core,year etc ? Be a bit more specific. I may have one that's correct for your application.
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    Not sure about this one?

    I actually have a keystone just like it.
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    Not sure about this one?

    Looks like it may be a Keystone.
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    Looking for opinions on a build

    I'd cut and lower the back,cut the bars and add some ape hangers,rear shocks with chopper pivot seat and sissy bar.
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    1957 2x2 Prototype

    Very cool bike.
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    Fox Spoiler for sale, West MN

    Is it the same bike you had pictured yesterday and were trying to I D and do the wheels have any rust on them ?