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    MTD / Columbia Trail Flite SS400 4 SALE

    This bike was built from the ground up new parts will be listed below. Bike was painted in a booth, and has full suspension. I recently finished building this bike. Located in Cleveland Ohio I will ship, you pay shipping cost. Payment method is PayPal only! or cash if local pickup Top speed of...
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    MTD / Columbia Trail Flite SS400 Front Suspension

    I recently got my whole bike painted in a booth about 3 weeks ago. My suspension has been making a horrible screech and just not functioning properly since the bike was painted. As you can see the paint is chipping off (pics below), am I supposed to lubricate it or something? Any help is...
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    Kill switch + key Ignition Predator 212 Engine

    First off, i'm not sure if this is in the right section (mods please move if so) but I ordered a keyed ignition with an on and off to mount on the blower housing then run the cable strait down and out the bottom and along the outside of the bottom of the engine to the old kill switch area. I...
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    Hydraulic Brake Problem

    I bought a hydraulic disk brake assembly on eBay for $45. I know the brake is supposed to float but it twists inward when applying the brake. I had a mechanical doodle bug brake before and it didn't do that? But the other day I braked to a stop and then when I started going again I felt a...
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    Mini Bike Disk Brakes

    Im having issues with my MTD minibike I added a disk brake setup. Im using a brand-new doodlebug brake caliper. After going back and forth down the street at about 40mph 3 times the brakes are slipping and smoking. The brakes in general are sluggish and even more after the few runs down the...
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    Predator 212 governor removal + upgrades

    This Christmas I am looking to remove my hemi predator 212 governor. I bought this engine a few months ago.. Anyways I want to know what flywheel, timing, billit rod, cam, valve springs, gaskets, anything else I need... I want to know what to get. I won't need any help with installation as I...
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    Kick Stand & Chain Tensioner

    So I need a chain tensioner for my MTD Trail Flite minibike to stop the chain from bouncing. As who ever had it before me removed the jack shaft, So I wanted to know if anybody knows anything like this that I could clamp on to my frame. 60 66 80cc Engine Motorized Bicycle Pulley Chain...
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    I want to paint my MTD trail flight and wanted to know it this paint would work. II don't know what grit sand paper is recommended ? And I found some paint that I want to know is good paint to use. For front fork...
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    What do you think?

    This is a frame I found on craigslist what kind of bike do you think that is and I think thats a really low price. Could I maybe fit a predator 212 on it? comment what you think
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    Predator 212 Kill Switch

    So I was looking for a kill switch for my predator 212. And I was wondering if this would work. On Off Switch Kill Switch for Doodlebug Mini Bike Blitz Racer Baja Dirt Bug | eBay Would have the same ground and wire as the predator? If anyone knows of anything cheaper and if this will even...
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    Carlisle 13.5 4.00-6 tire

    Hello the I am new to the forums I have two Carlisle 13.5 4.00-6 tires for my mini bike that are dry rotted and would like to get new ones. I can't seem to find any online please help. Rear Tire IMG_8778.JPG IMG_8779.JPG Front Tire IMG_8780.JPG IMG_8781.JPG
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    Help identifying frame

    Hello there I am new to the forums here I bought this bike on Craigslist. I don't know anything about it has no tagging or markings. It has Sebac shocks though if that helps. Here are some pics. Any help is greatly appreciated! IMG_8716.JPG IMG_8717.JPG IMG_8718.JPG IMG_8719.JPG