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  1. heavygs

    New project, Heald Hauler

    The rear axle in mine is a Comet SCD-1, some are a peerless. The bearings for mine are standard 1" axle bearings with 2 hole flanges, just about any go kart/mini bike shop should have them.
  2. heavygs

    New project, Heald Hauler

    A couple of questions, what is the best grease to put in the differential? And what weight gear oil should go in the F-N-R gearbox?
  3. heavygs

    New project, Heald Hauler

    Still plugging along on this beast, just disassembled the rear axle, had to be one of the roughest dirtiest jobs ever. I've got new bearings and hangars on order for the reassembly. I had some new bushings made for the steering stem. The seat and handlebars were a little too close for me, so I...
  4. Heald Hauler 22.jpg

    Heald Hauler 22.jpg

  5. Heald Hauler 23.jpg

    Heald Hauler 23.jpg

  6. Heald Hauler 26.jpg

    Heald Hauler 26.jpg

  7. heavygs

    New project, Heald Hauler

    Sat- Those bushings are from the steering stem, not the axle. The flange bearings in the front axle are about the only thing on this beast that doesn't need replacing.
  8. heavygs

    New project, Heald Hauler

    Been busy for the holidays, haven't got a lot done, but I do have a running motor now. The wiring on the motor was screwed up also, points engine that they put an electronic coil on and wired to the points with the kill wire. The carb was so full of sh** gas wouldn't even go in, the float was...
  9. Heald Hauler 21.jpg

    Heald Hauler 21.jpg

  10. Heald Hauler 17.jpg

    Heald Hauler 17.jpg

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    Heald Hauler 19.jpg

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    Heald Hauler 20.jpg

  13. heavygs

    Alternator and Wiring Help

    Thx for the info guys Dave- Nice link, saved that pdf for future reference. Inventor- I'm with you, built a Super Bronc in the build-off a couple years ago. I'm probably going with the regulator set-up, says it will get me 5 amps. With the led lights that I plan on running that should be...
  14. Super Bronc 43.jpg

    Super Bronc 43.jpg

  15. heavygs

    Alternator and Wiring Help

    Dave- Thx for the info, unfortunately I don't remember where I got that Alternator pdf from, but I was able to snip out part of it that showed my alternator
  16. B&S Alternator ID

    B&S Alternator ID

  17. heavygs

    Alternator and Wiring Help

    Let me just start off with, I haven't worked on many B&S motors, mostly Tecumseh or clones. Picked up a Heald Hauler with an electric start B&S 11hp. The wiring was all fubar, key switch was gone, horn button in it's place, wires to handlebar kill and start switch cut, etc. I was told the motor...
  18. Heald Hauler 06

    Heald Hauler 06

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    Heald Hauler 07

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    Heald Hauler 08