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  1. Fantic Freddy

    Hi Doug, how are you? I was using the crane rail you gave me and was thinking about you.

    Hi Doug, how are you? I was using the crane rail you gave me and was thinking about you.
  2. Fantic Freddy

    *** Merry Christmas ***

    Merry Christmas everyone, may the joy of the season be with you all.
  3. Fantic Freddy

    Happy Thanksgiving

    This is an older picture, it's a lot farther along now.
  4. Fantic Freddy

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Building this street rod is kinda like building an over grown go kart.......I'm having a blast.
  5. Fantic Freddy

    Happy Thanksgiving

    I've been building a '23 T bucket from the ground up, all summer. Still mess with the mini bikes, but not as much.
  6. Fantic Freddy

    Happy Thanksgiving

    I hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving. I see I've been downgraded to a new member......I guess I need to be more active on here.:D
  7. Fantic Freddy

    Happy Birthday Karen!/manchester1 !

    Happy 35th birthday!:thumbsup:
  8. Fantic Freddy

    Weekend at the Races

    That looks like OMB member "wardog" in post# 333. ( on the fat tire bike)
  9. Fantic Freddy

    New rides entry: 1968 Lil Indian 6000

    OND, you know how I feel about this gem, I can't wait until it shows up in the classified section. :laugh:
  10. Fantic Freddy


    Actually, most folks on this site would give you one of their kidneys if you needed it. Be patient, and wait a little longer than 6 months to make that judgement.....
  11. Fantic Freddy


    Foremost was a name JCP used for it's line of hard goods, like mowers, bicycles..etc. JCP didn't make anything, they just rebadged products built by other companies. Bird made JCP mini bikes for a time.
  12. Fantic Freddy

    Car show this weekend

    I'm with Doug on that Cyclone....very nice. (and I'm a Chevy guy)
  13. Fantic Freddy

    Restoring a Tecumseh - another way

    I'm running an HS50 snow blower engine on my El Tigre, it's fast and will probably hurt me eventually. Here in northern Ohio snow blower engines are plentiful, the special ones are lighted.....I've never had to pay for one either. Just got a 6 horse Briggs last week from a snowblower in a...
  14. Fantic Freddy

    Find me a bicycle

    Craigslist in NY has a few for around 100 bucks.
  15. Fantic Freddy

    My new Vintage Pit Bike, but... What is it?

    Moto Villa minibimbo?
  16. Fantic Freddy

    Windber mini bike reunion 2018

    Thanks to all who helped raise the donations for Matt, Sarah and Aaron....Jeff's family does so much for us, it felt good to have the opportunity to help them. You folks are the best. :thumbsup:
  17. Fantic Freddy

    Windber mini bike reunion 2018

    Another great Father's Day weekend, good to see all you guys and gals again. I cheated on my wife at Windber, I fell in love with this '68 CR500.
  18. Fantic Freddy

    Windber mini bike reunion 2018

    I'm leaving Friday afternoon, I heard gas is high in PA, if coming from the west, fuel up in Ohio before you cross the PA line. Havasu Dave, you tore me up with the post about the hotel're the funniest curmudgeon I never met. :laugh:
  19. Fantic Freddy

    Windber mini bike reunion 2018

    Who's gonna get Bigrob's spot on the hill? Just hoping they don't mind the smell of Jim Beam coming from Doc's tent. :laugh:
  20. Fantic Freddy

    I finally found it

    See you at Windber, young lady....have a hug ready for me.:wink: