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  1. Havasu Dave

    The secret speed doodlebug

    Thank you for your interest @ange1c0w . The build off contest started in January, and the last day to enter was January 31st. By all means, continue with this interesting project, and I will move your thread to the Projects and Rides section. Thank you.
  2. Havasu Dave

    The Ultimate Off-Road Bonanza Gambler 100 Project

    I like everything you are doing with this Brian. Nice welding and use of gussets in that neck. Very good engineering all the way around IMO!
  3. Havasu Dave

    1971 Trapper Trail Bike

    That looks really nice.
  4. Havasu Dave

    Hs40 Build

    Your questions: Can I cut down a cam (compression release) safely on a lathe? Yes, and you can remove that bump with an angle grinder. You won't feel a heck of a lot of power increase. If any. Look in to getting your cam modified by Tim Isky. (310)769-6880 Or, you can maybe find one of the...
  5. Havasu Dave

    Help With Removing Spray Paint From Fiberglass

    There "is" a marine industry out there where paint is routinely removed from multi-million dollar yachts. It ain't lye, and it's not sand paper. Cove stripes, accents, water lines, hailing ports, and boat names, all painted on, all require removal at some point in their lives from the...
  6. Havasu Dave

    Help With Removing Spray Paint From Fiberglass

    Paint Stripper. Do not use acetone on gel goat. Do not use MEK. Both of those solvents eat Gelcoat and FRP resins, even cured. If it makes you feel any better, marine chandlerys sell paint stripper formulated specifically for removing paint from gelcoat, however, you can use paint strippers...
  7. Havasu Dave

    Hot Shot Mini Bike

    Cool bike. Thanks for posting it.
  8. Havasu Dave

    5hp mild build...... performance cam?

    With a stock block, it is not the valve train that will limit you with a cam selection, it is the kick back on the recoil, and then the lifter bores. The cam I have in a Tote Gote Raptor is hotter than the Raptor cam, but the cam card I posed here on OMB got deleted along with the build. Note...
  9. Mini Gote Preliminary.jpg

    Mini Gote Preliminary.jpg

  10. Havasu Dave

    Coleman Ct100u full suspension

    Nick, you did a very nice job on that.
  11. Havasu Dave

    Dune buggy style go kart?

    I always liked these. A very worthwhile project.
  12. Havasu Dave

    Ignition wiper service

    Thanks markus, that is good info. I'd appreciate another video, or photos when you go that route with your pile-o-stators. :) Andy, I always assumed that if I were going to be removing an epoxied magneto, I wasn't going to be re-using it. I always felt if I needed to remove it, I could do...
  13. Havasu Dave

    Ignition wiper service

    I bought a box of used clutches from Comet and Max that I exercise my OCD on between replacing switches on appliances and electric tools. Do you try gluing in replacement plug wires to Tec magnetos? The reason I ask, is that the Oregon brand, et. al. come with the wrong mounting bump on it for...
  14. Havasu Dave


    He means Daytona Bike Week, which has been an annual event for 78 years.
  15. Havasu Dave

    Fox sundowners for sale in Washington's dc

    Looks like sun done set on those bad boys.
  16. Havasu Dave

    Ignition wiper service

    100% way to do this. Amazing how much of the melted lithium that felt soaked up. Thanks for going through the trouble to shoot and post this.
  17. Havasu Dave

    Help! Doodlebug + Predator = Not Happening

    I had a conversation with the site owner on the subject of web content degradation as a result of using smart phones to access them. There is some argument against my premise, but I suspect it has more to do with the Emperor's New Clothes, (technology and ease of access) than with reality...
  18. Havasu Dave

    Help! Doodlebug + Predator = Not Happening

    ....from nine months ago. o_O Folks are using smart phones to access the web, and missing most of what's going on. Over 40? They don't make magnifying glasses powerful enough.
  19. Havasu Dave

    Mikuni VM22 on built Predator Hemi

    Ray, thanks for posting up the results. You made a very common error on the enrichment lever. No big deal, and now you are completely savvy with this carburetor, and will be able to quickly tune in the future. I love these carbs, and I know you will too.
  20. Havasu Dave

    Help identify this Vintage Rupp Go-cart

    On Ebay now for crazy money.