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  1. markus

    Tecumseh engine builder

    NOT Markus :p...........He's not building engines for people right now. Thanks for the props though guys!!!
  2. markus

    Hs40 Build

    I'm sure the reason the OP wants to cut the camshaft snout off is because he has the good pre 1970 MCR camshaft to work with like seen below on the right: Dave (OP) If the lobes look good and the lifters show that they were rotating through the years and not wiping out the lobe I'd give it a...
  3. markus

    Caper Cycle , Wheels, Hubs and sprocket

    early 5" or later 6" ?
  4. markus


    Those are really neat, there have been some over the years that have popped up on this sire labeled/decaled as being called Hill Billy as well. I love the design of it!
  5. markus

    just finished !

    That engine is a actually a 1987 with electronic ignition (7 is the last number of the year 245 is the day of that year).....I have its identical twin built a few months earlier in that year (mine is 7096 or something near it) that I picked up on letgo a few weeks ago: Its NOS but I am going...
  6. markus

    just finished !

    That came out Great!!! I love the color! Just an FYI thuough, that frame was never sold as a duck or through Bird, it was exclusively Sears sold and labeled and its the later/last one ones made (they did not call them Drovers, but everyone calls them that) up 72/73 timeframe. The engine is the...
  7. markus

    What is it ?

    Looks like a modified K&S to a hornet
  8. markus

    5hp mild build...... performance cam?

    thanks guys, I'll start looking at these cams mentioned.
  9. markus

    5hp mild build...... performance cam?

    I have to start planning the parts for a build. I need to try to build a 5hp, That runs strong and will not be too troubled by running higher rpms for probably a little more sustained than normal, and externally look like a stock 1967 4hp :oops: So that limits me on the carb to the old pull...
  10. markus

    Wheel id

    Yes they are what powerdynes used, The PD's used 1/2 axles and headtubes. I had a set on this junker I bought and cut up The brake is the one on the top for most bikes, the assemblies were made by "Rong Shin" The sprocket might be stamped. They use the same brake shoes as a honda Z50/QA50...
  11. markus

    I need help with a Bonanza BC1000

    Your sprocket goes out tommorow Vinnie, PM'ed you the tracking # Good luck with the bike ;)
  12. markus

    G.E.M. Straight shot performance intakes For Tecumseh small frame engines

    all intakes have been SOLD!!! Thank you! :cool:
  13. markus

    Bird Thunderbird Model and Dimensions

    This is the Nighthawk version circa 1981 spec sheet. Its just a little more dressed up version, but the framework is still the same (bars are taller than the T-birds) The frame never really changed from the beginning which was the middle 1970's up to later 1980's and Manco took it over. They...
  14. markus

    Ignition wiper service

    I put some rubber cushion on the jaw tops of my large shop vice, open it enough to clear the plate and set the sides of the coil bottom on top and tap the center prong of the plate with a wooden dowel just small enough to fit through the hole in the coil to drive the crusty ones through...
  15. markus

    Efenel mini history

    One thing that comes to my mind From when I did some research awhile back was a court case in the mid 70's that involved a tractor trailer load of them being stolen just on the outskirts of the warehouse. It was more something to do with interstate transport end of it, not really the bikes...
  16. markus

    Ignition wiper service

    Yea I have put wire in the tec coils, I will actually have to do some this time as most of these mags were the extras that I have been robbing parts off of here and there. I dont know what glue they used but some of them look like they splooched it right on the end of the wire and pushed it in...
  17. markus

    Ignition wiper service

    ended up digging out 7 stators and got those felts cleaned and regreased yesterday while I still had my super fancy melting bowl still setup :), I didn't feel like digging out another box that has flywheels and mags in it....this should get me by for awhile, now onto cleaning and setting up all...
  18. markus

    G.E.M. Straight shot performance intakes For Tecumseh small frame engines

    Yes the HS40 slanted is still available, will shoot you a PM with purchasing info
  19. markus

    Help finding my first bike

    I probably should have worded that differently, Grants was a big seller of the Fox made bikes, that particular model though?? Probably not a whole lot of them sold. I've only seen that particular one in grants advertising during 1973 and it was less than some of the other models throughout the...
  20. markus

    Ignition wiper service

    I ran out of cleaned stator/magneto's to work with and have to go through some to get ready for service so I did a quick and terribly done video of how I have been servicing the wiper felts. I didnt put it in the video cause I was trying to keep it short, and doing it with a camera in one hand...