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  1. Strigoi

    DB30 Mild Project

    Bought it from a thot in a less desirable area of SF. She said it belonged to her ex and did 70+mph. It was cheap enough. It came with a front wheel. Had to pull it to fit it in my wagon. Fast forward some. I got a bit overzealous with the spray paint and didn't do that good of a job...
  2. Strigoi

    Got bored this weekend

    My neighbor gave me a lawn mower a few months ago that wasn't running. Finally got bored this weekend and did some painting (random colors we had at the house) and bought a Predator for it as the stock Tecumseh had pretty much shit the bed. Still waiting on a new blade to arrive and need to hook...
  3. Strigoi

    just a tire change tip for 8" rims

    I've recently had to change a bunch of tires on DB30 wheels. Aside from spoons (100% worth the money), I've found that using an old axle and putting it in a vice to hold the wheel works well. It also helps to take a vice grip and clamp it on the edge of the wheel to help hold the tire in place...
  4. Strigoi

    Most Significant MiniBike feature in 30 years !

    I had a hydraulic rear disc on my old Doodlebug that I had 10+ years ago. The setup worked great. People were also running rear wheels on the front of them back then with a hydraulic caliper setup. I'm currently using a hydraulic rear brake with Doodlebug wheels on 2 of my mini bikes. The DB...
  5. Strigoi

    DB30 w/ 125cc Lifan pitbike engine

    I'm running stock DB wheels, so they work. Here's the rear tire that I bought. Ignore the 1 star review from the idiot that didn't know what they're doing. Got the front tire from AliExpress. Never...
  6. Strigoi

    Pulse fuel pump install

    Had one set up like this, which is what OND is describing. Worked fine, had no issues. Was on a clone in the pre-Predator days, but that really doesn't matter. The small red filter is coming from the breather hole on the valve cover.
  7. Strigoi

    Predator fuel pump

    Here's a pic showing how I had the fuel pump set up on a clone engine I used to have. It worked without any issues.
  8. Strigoi

    DB30 w/ 125cc Lifan pitbike engine

    Yeah, the rear is a 13x6.5-6. I'm going to keep the stock seat on it. It's comfortable enough and I don't see any reason to replace it. I kind of like having one, stock piece left of the original bike too. Have you tried ordering the forks directly from Mega Moto? They're a bit more expensive...
  9. Strigoi

    DB30 w/ 125cc Lifan pitbike engine

    I'm running a 5" on the front and a 6.5" on the rear. This frame is only a little larger than the DB frame. The big difference is the rear wheel is mounted on the inside of the frame on the DB vs. outside like on this one. The actual frame is about the same size between the two. The Coleman is...
  10. Strigoi

    Doodlebug rear wheel

    My housemate is working on throwing a mini bike together with random parts that I have laying around. One thing that he wants and I can't find new is a rear wheel for a DB30. It's an easy way to do a disc brake setup. Not too concerned about having the rotor or sprocket, but either would be a...
  11. Strigoi

    This weekends buy plus project progress

    Picked up this DB this morning. Currently not running (it's been sitting with gas in it) and it needs tires. It'll make a good starting point for a fun rider since it already has a Predator swap and a TAV on it. Going to do a 22mm Mikuni, billet parts, a real exhaust, a different fuel tank and...
  12. Strigoi

    DB30 w/ 125cc Lifan pitbike engine

    I've posted a few pics of it on here. I should probably just make a thread with the progress on it so far. This is how it pretty much looks right now. After the welding is done this weekend I could make it a rider if I wanted. I'm going to wait until I do the engine mods though. I should...
  13. Strigoi

    DB30 w/ 125cc Lifan pitbike engine

    Partially, it has extra supports. My friend's welding skills weren't that great when he built this thing. The welds are rough and a lot don't penetrate well. It's held up though. Luckily a co-worker of mine is damn good at welding and is willing to basically re-do all of it for me. Not only in...
  14. Strigoi

    This is Different

    That makes me uncomfortable for some stupid reason.
  15. Strigoi

    New purchase

    Twice the fun!
  16. Strigoi

    New purchase

    Getting no love in the Baja forum so I'll subject the rest of you to this. :scooter: DB30 with a 125cc Lifan swap. A friend of mine built it years ago and I finally got him to sell it to me. It's lots of fun. Some of you might remember it from years ago when I first posted it. It's mine now.
  17. Strigoi

    Predator 212 hard to start + rip your arm off

    Have you added a billet rod and flywheel to the engine? It's a good idea to do so for safety when removing the governor. I've personally watched a chunk of rod shoot about 30' away from a bike when it decided to let go. Left a nice hole in the case too.
  18. Strigoi

    DB30 w/ 125cc Lifan pitbike engine

    A friend of mine built this thing probably 10 years ago or so and I finally got him to sell it to me. It's a DB30 with a 125cc Lifan pitbike engine in it. It's kickstart only and has a 5-speed with a clutch. It's a ton of fun to ride. He pulled it out every couple of years to clean the carb and...
  19. Strigoi

    The BAD NEWS..... Heart Attack!!

    My parents lived in a Dell Webb community (Sun City Lincoln Hills in CA) and loved it there. Tons of stuff to do and they had a GEM electric vehicle that they'd roll around in. They could take it on any road in the area that had a speed limit of 35mph or less IIRC.
  20. Strigoi

    Wheel spacers

    I recently bought some DOM tubing from to use for wheel spacers. It was only $20 shipped for a foot of each size I needed (I'm running different size front/rear axles). They shipped it UPS Next Day Air as well. I have no idea how they didn't lose money on me.