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    Tecumseh engine builder

    Markus +1
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    International Efenel Flat Tracker

    Is anyone making a billet rod or flywheel for those engines?
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    Vintage 1970 speedway shark

    Looks great!
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    Very cool! Never saw one before.
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    DIY led lighting.

    What is your system? Is it a tecumseh lighting coil or a clone with one or two coils? They all make ac output and it is unregulated so the tec with half wave rectifiers make about 18 no load and the two coil clones with full wave rectifier mid twenty. Depends on your load wattage and type if...
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    Predator 212 head, order now, only 2 left.

    Went on their website it is a 32/25 mm size valves. Looks like it would be good for an open or drag race motor.
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    Predator 212 head, order now, only 2 left.

    Yup nice flatslide or a 30 w tapered manifold down to 28mm.
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    Predator 212 head, order now, only 2 left.

    No 28mm runner is about the max for a 13ci motor. Would need to be a max effort motor or better a big bore. A 28mm tube with a proper radiused entry can flow 145 cfm @28”. (Cd = 1). Velocity could be great on a flowbench @28” but if motor can’t use the flow actual velocity running will be low...
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    Predator 212 head, order now, only 2 left.

    Thanks! Ports look real nice with a generous short side. 28mm is about the max for a stock sized motor looking at that one I woul like to try one. Without the extras they are $599.00. He neglected to state the valve sizes or did I miss that?
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    Predator 212 head, order now, only 2 left.

    I don’t see an advantage for it over a well ported cast head on a stock sized motor. A belmit head flows 150+ cfm. A 13 CI motor can’t use that much flow potential. I would think that the new head does have potential on a larger stroked and sleeved open motor. On a stock size I would expect...
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Harleys Papa

    Happy Birthday
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    Parts are hard to find and expensive. The elusive throttle rack is a tough one.
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    Best Head Gasket?

    Should not be doing that with 28 degree timing. Try setting ex tight. If you have a compression tester check cranking compression. They vary as reground cams have varying base circles but cr tab is fixed. Should be 80 psi +- 20 lbs
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    Best Head Gasket?

    It’s not going to detonate cold. If it only kicks back with ignition on and engine cold it’s timing. If you are running a ultra lite flywheel that could aggravate the issue.
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    Predator Head Work

    I use .060 intake and . 080 ex. Ex is the critical one as the piston is chasing the closing ex near TDC
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    Best Head Gasket?

    Forgot one thing, if it is too much compression it will yank the handle out of your hand even if ignition is off. If you can pull the cord ok with ignition off then it is a kickback problem.
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    Best Head Gasket?

    Should be easy to start if ex lash is set right. Try a snug .001 with piston a few degrees Atdc on compression.
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    Best Head Gasket?

    Why? Don’t you have a compression release?
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    Best Head Gasket?

    Run the .010 gasket you will be fine. Try to find 93 octane.
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    Predator fuel pump

    No do not plug it. There is a one way check valve in the cover that needs to be there. You need a fitting below the reed plate to get the crankcase pulses to the pump diaphragm. You can use brass tube and drill a hole on the top side but make sure it does not get in the way of the spark plug and...