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  1. Bbqman

    Trailflite T/C cover

    Looking to trade my trailflite torque converter cover for the deeper model. 08322 zip code
  2. Bbqman

    MTD columbia T/C cover

    Hello, is anyone who runs a 20 series able to use the stock cover. Mine says trail flight on it. Not sure if it's the right one. I heard there are different models. Mine will not fit over the driver with the stock brackets. Any help would be appreciated. Here is a pic of my bike with the cover...
  3. Bbqman

    MTD wheels and tires

    MTD wheels and carlisle tires. Tires have some cracks. Wheels look pretty good. Included the inner spacer $50 plus shipping. Sprocket was sold
  4. Bbqman

    Recoil screen hs40

    Hi, does the screen on the recoil get screwed down to the flywheel? Mine isn't and it's just spinning around. If it is can what size screw. Thank you guys as always
  5. Bbqman

    High idle

    I have a hs40 on my bike. Cleaned the carb in the tank and put all new o-rings and gaskets. The problem is the idle. It idle to high. I even have the idle adjust backed off to where it's not touching. Sometimes it will be at a good idle then takes off without doing anything. I have all new...
  6. Bbqman

    MTD columbia

    Hi, looking to see if someone can post a picture of the bracket that holds the front of the torque converter on? I have the rear as it is attached to the jackshaft frame. Thank you
  7. Bbqman

    30 series driver 3/4 clone

    Selling a brand new 3/4" bore 30 series clone driver. 08322 $25 plus whatever it cost to ship
  8. Bbqman

    Mtd columbia drum band brake

    Tried to install the drum band brake today. Can't use the axle spacers now because the band hardware mounts inside the frame. Anybody have a fix for this? Thank you
  9. Bbqman

    Fairbanks morse driven. Help!

    I have an MTD Columbia I am putting back together. I can't find a driver so I am going to change everything to a 20 series comet. I need help on disassembing the driven part. The sprocket is missing teeth and I need to be able to hook up the comet. I took off the bolt on the side opposite the...
  10. Bbqman

    MTD columbia

    Hello, looking for the decal right above the serial number that says "one rider only". For my MTD Columbia. I have seen different styles, looks like mine was a single line as you can see where the adhesive was. Also looking for the front bracket for the torque converter cover. Thanks
  11. Bbqman

    Events or get together

    Any events or get together planned for 2021 in Philly area or a few hours drive? Thanks
  12. Bbqman

    Mtd columbia band brake

    Wondering how to get the piece off the end of the band where the end brake cable goes through. There isn't a screw or anything. Thanks
  13. Bbqman

    MTD columbia

    Looking for some hard to find items. Looking for original fairbanks morse driver. Chrome exhaust extension, Seat, original or Repro. I have most of everything else. Thanks in advance.
  14. Bbqman

    Fairbanks Morse

    Looking for a fairbanks morse driver for my mtd columbia. Thanks in advance.
  15. Bbqman

    Torque converter

    I have an MTD Columbia I am restoring. It has a fairbanks morse driven pulley. In the box of parts that were with the bike I have a driver pulley. It does not look like the fairbanks morse driven I have seen in other photos, no name numbers or any other identification. Does anyone know the brand...
  16. Bbqman

    Throttle set up

    Hello, here is my hs40 as I received it. Going through it and cleaning it up to put back in my bike. I am not sure how the throttle cable and the rods all hook up. This has an offset intake and float carb original to this motor. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  17. Bbqman

    Tecumseh hs40 intake manifold screws

    Hi, looking for the screws to attach the intake manifold to the motor. I can't find a part number for that screw. Does anyone know that part number? Thanks in advance
  18. Bbqman

    Wanted columbia 2 piece 6 inch wheels.

    Looking for wheels for my mtd columbia 6" front and rear. 2 piece. I attached a picture of my bike. Thanks
  19. Bbqman

    Chrome exhaust extension

    Hello, looking for the chrome exhaust extension for my 71 columbia mini. Thanks in advance.
  20. Bbqman

    1971 MTD columbia 361-520 seat

    Hello, looking for a seat for my 71 columbia bike. There was a seat on it when I bought it but it's incorrect. Picture shows bike and incorrect seat.