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  1. Taco Loco Joe

    The Official Bonanza Mini Bike Thread . . .

    It was the 60s Man! We were smoking That Wacky Tobacky in California.
  2. Taco Loco Joe

    What do you know about

    The only forum I belong to. I don’t have Facebook. There’s something for everyone in the mini bike world. It’s changed over the years. Check out the post from the early years. What really stands out in my mind is how members are willing to help you go forward on your projects.
  3. Taco Loco Joe

    Talk me out of this . . . Gambler 500

    There is a Video of that race on YouTube . Shows Brian getting his Trophy.
  4. Taco Loco Joe

    All original SURVIVORS

  5. Taco Loco Joe

    Celebrities, Pseudo Celebrities, the Famous and Infamous…. and Mini Bikes

    Blues Legend Howlin Wolf with a mini bike on stage. 1969
  6. Taco Loco Joe

    2021 build off 1968 Taco 44

    The pegs are 2-1/4”. Not much foot room. I put the spring in the slot for the engine bolts. Not sure if that’s “correct “
  7. Taco Loco Joe

    Favorite bike ??

    I remember that Bike. So Cool!
  8. Taco Loco Joe

    Finding old mini bikes . . .

    The usual sources. I’ve learned it helps to be Nice to people and listen to their story. They probably loved that mini bike as much as you do. It might have been in the Family for decades. I always tell them it’s going to a good home.
  9. Taco Loco Joe

    Happy Birthday Ond.

    Happy Birthday Eric!!
  10. Taco Loco Joe

    Skat kitty #3

    That’s gonna be Sweeeet.
  11. Taco Loco Joe

    Flexo and Go Kart cycle

    Nice Score!
  12. Taco Loco Joe

    Need Help Arco bushwhacker build tire size

    My Bushwacker has the Original Carlisle’s on Wire wheels and they are 3.50-10. It’s equipped with drum brakes front and back . No scrub brake
  13. Taco Loco Joe

    2021 build off 1968 Taco 44

    Looks like you got all the important stuff like the wheels, shocks and serial numbers. :cool:
  14. Taco Loco Joe

    what is it 6 inch wheel

  15. Taco Loco Joe

    Dave Grattan Hound Dog 400

    Those were used on British Motorcycles shifters. I use them on my Tacos. At $4 a pop, that’s a good price. I’ve seen them sell for $10 ea.
  16. Bonanza Christmas

    Bonanza Christmas

  17. Taco Loco Joe

    Kustom Kart Shop

    This Story sure hit home. It was a story that took place all across the Country in the 1960s. I was lucky to be a kid during the mini bike Golden Age.
  18. Taco Loco Joe

    What Bonanza did I get for Christmas?

    Grew up in the Bay Area (Daly City) . Every kid wanted a Bonanza. Some of the Older motocross riders would let me tag along and ride my mini bike at Hollister Motocross Park south of San Jose.